10 amazing winter wedding trends for 2017

The romance fills the air as the snowflakes fall down softly all around you. Doesn’t that sound like a picturesque winter wedding that you deserve?

There’s just something special about the wintertime and the magic that it brings, long, dark evenings filled with roaring fireplaces, delicious hot chocolate and shimmering winter landscapes.

These fantastic features belong in any winter wedding scenario and we have put together a list of 10 amazing winter trends for what’s left of the season in 2017.


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  1. Berry bouquets

Berries thrive in the winter time, so it’s natural to include them in your wedding theme. They make amazing table dressings and add a great aesthetic and garnish for food and buffets. Pepper berries, curly widow and eucalyptus berries all make for fantastic additions to your wedding theme, they all love the winter and are readily available at this time of year.

  1. Sequined tablecloths

Just as the snow falls in layers across the landscape, your wedding tables should carry through on this theme as well. Using sequined tablecloths adds layers to your table setting that gives the feeling of luxury, warmth and natural flow to your winter themed wedding. Don’t forget the napkins and table runners as well!

  1. Long sleeves

Do you remember the royal wedding? Didn’t Kate look absolutely stunning in that long-sleeved wedding dress? Well bring the same into your wedding dress and add some long sleeves, they’ll help keep you warm and they look gorgeous as well, adding sensual white lines to your arms and accentuating your hands for receiving the ring.

  1. Faux fur

Wearing fur is seen as inhumane in today’s modern society. However, fashion designers and textile manufacturers have done a great job with producing faux fur replicas of any kind of fur from any species of animal. Chinchilla, snow fox and lynx are examples of faux fur that really looks like the genuine article, without the cruelty involved in harvesting real fur.


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  1. Confetti that’s eco-friendly

Confetti is a must as the couples leave the ceremony to the reception. It’s a time-honoured symbol of new life and prosperity. Unfortunately, the dyes and other toxic chemicals involved in manufacturing most confetti brands mean that they are not very eco-friendly. Consider purchasing biodegradable confetti which is coloured with natural colourants. It makes for a great environmentally-friendly option that fits well into the winter theme of clean environments.

  1. Tips for the lips

Keeping with the winter theme and adding onto your berried décor, consider using dark, berry coloured lipstick for your wedding makeup. The dark colours set the winter tone and really accentuate the lips, perfect for the wedding photos. Do not go too dark, keep the tone of the colour lighter, but with a deep colour. Dark reds with gloss finish look both unique and stylish.

  1. Nature provides

Wintertime changes how we view the world, with the snowfall and the short, cold days, we find ourselves behaving differently and feeling differently. Making up some wreaths for your reception theme that include natural winter flowers, berries and leaves will make for a great addition to your theme.


  1. Jewel up the bridesmaids

We aren’t talking about buying them expensive jewellery, rather use the colour theme for your bridesmaid’s dresses, making for an epic contrast of colours against the winter landscapes and reception theme. These colour tones will suit anyone and make them really shine.

  1. A crown of flowers

A headpiece is a well-overlooked accessory that stands out and captures attention. Incorporate a flower bouquet into a beautiful head dress that really gives the wow factor to your guests and looks great in the wedding photos, you can even incorporate it into your veil.

  1. Winter velvet

The velvet trend of the nineties has been resurrected this season with velvet being the top choice for wedding accessories. They provide a rich, warm look and feel that screams of the wintertime and looks great on a variety of different accessories. From gloves to shoes or head to toe, the more velvet you can add, the better.

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