10 Fun Wedding Ideas

You’re getting married and want the wedding to be a fantastic time for everyone.

You want it to be more than just your everyday DJ, dancing, and buffet. Your wedding should be an event that your family and friends remember for years to come. Inject a little bit of fun, maybe a few things that your guests are not expecting, for an evening that will be enjoyed by all.

Here are ten ways to do it.

  1. Your quest to add excitement to the festivities can begin well before the day of the wedding. Include a song request line on your RSVP cards.

    Guests will feel like part of the planning process and know that you value their input with the simple gesture of inserting this little line. It will also save you time in creating your playlist because your guests are doing some of your work for you. DJs will have a good list to work with, and people who would have been too shy to make a request in person will have their request heard.


  1. People expect fun at the wedding reception, even if they might not be prepared for some of the unique ideas that you are going to employ. But unless they are a close friend or family member, the wedding ceremony itself is a little more of a chore, so start the fun with an entertaining wedding programme. Instead of the standard elegant script and expected format, create a booklet titled “So You’re Going to Sit through a Wedding” or a newsletter style programme with an eye-catching layout with fun facts and infographics. Use bold fonts and modern layouts. Include a crossword with questions about the happy couple or a colouring page for kids.

    Don’t just give them an itinerary. Make your programme something everyone will want to read.

  2. Looking for other ways to grab attention during the ceremony?

    Do something unexpected. Have your grandma serve as a flower girl. Use an aisle runner that has been decorated with the story of your courtship. Do you have a family member with special talent? Have someone close to you sing the wedding song or play the piano. Make a grand entrance on a horse or accompanied by your dog. Even your chosen venue can be part of the amusement if you decide to get married on the beach, the top of a skyscraper, or a historic building.


At the wedding reception is where the stakes are higher. This is where your friends and family expect to be entertained. The minimum they are looking for is a professional DJ or an awesome band, lots of great food and drink, and dancing late into the night. The rest of our top ten amazingly fun ideas are unique ways to inject fun into the most enjoyable part of the festivities, the reception.


  1. Wedding photographers are expected to be lurking around, attempting to capture candid moments or create original poses like your new husband carrying you down the aisle thrown over his shoulder. With the dawn of disposable cameras, or even cheap digital cameras, we have the ability to leave cameras on tables for guests to capture unexpected photo opportunities as well. Take these ideas to the next step with a photo booth, complete with props and card stock to make signs that can be held up for the picture. You will get lots of laughs as you go through these pictures afterwards, and guests will get endless entertainment out of it.


  1. You can say they are for the kids when you rent a bounce house or ball pit. Of course, your younger guests will appreciate this type of entertainment, but make sure the adults get a chance to feel like a kid again and take a turn. Just make sure to remove those stilettos before you hop in!


  1. As you consider what type of entertainment to have at your wedding reception. Make sure that you include what you and your fiancé love. How did you meet? What do you enjoy doing together? Don’t include ideas just for the sake of others if they do not sound like something you want to do. Chances are, what entertains you is the same thing that your friends are into. Sitting around a bonfire sounds better than dancing the night away? Fire up!


  1. For those who may not be into the standard entertainment or need a little bit of warm up to come out of their shell, provide some games. A table stocked up with cards and board games can be just the thing for getting conversation started or occupying moody teenagers. If your venue is outdoors, provide giant checkers, ring toss, croquet, or other lawn games. Inside or out, an Instagram scavenger hunt can be fun for all ages. Have guests collect pictures of everything from the wedding cake to Uncle George and use your chosen hashtag so that competitors can compare.


  1. Don’t forget the kids! Your guests who bring children will not be able to fully enjoy themselves if they have whiny, bored children hanging on their skirts, so provide some special areas just for the little ones. If you have kids’ tables, stock them with buckets of colouring books created just for the day, crayons, silly string, play dough, puzzles, and candy. If you have enough space, create a Kids’ VIP Lounge complete with movie screen, games, and bean bag chairs.

  2. Employ a theme to inject fun into the wedding reception. Turn your venue into a carnival with fair rides, food trucks, and face painters. Rent a barn for a country hoe-down, or create a sophisticated casino night with poker tables and a jazz band.

  3. A sure way to be certain that everyone in attendance has a good time is to get the guests involved. Hold Q & A session with an MC who collects questions about the couple from guests and then puts them on the spot. (Make sure you choose an MC who can also tactfully avoid questions that the bride would not want to publicly answer.) Play the Kissing Game. Tapping on the glasses lets your guests off too easy. If they want to see a romantic smooch from the bride and groom, they will have to perform a random silly task. Hold a dancing contest. Give prizes to guests who meet certain requirements, such as every male with an odd numbered age who arrived in a car with three other people. Play four corners or stand up, sit down.

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Help guests enjoy the fun atmosphere you’ve created by providing special little touches. Have a basket of flip-flops available for people to change into so they can dance late into the night. Provide a room for sleepy kids. Try to have a picture taken with as many guests as possible to include in your thank you cards. Display family wedding photos in a wall size family tree. Choose party favours that are something your guests will actually want to take home and keep.

The most fun wedding will be one where each person in attendance feels that they have been thought of in the planning of the event and throughout the night.

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