10 Reasons to hire an entertainment agency in 2015

earcandy we like to think that 2015 will be the year of entertainment, given the trends we have seen over the last year we expect many of our acts to be booked out well in advance this year, so don’t delay. If you have been put in charge of entertainment for a corporate event or are planning a wedding, you may be tempted to trudge through the available options on your own. Ease this burden on yourself and be secure in knowing that you have hired the best entertainment for your event by using an entertainment agency.

Whether you are planning a retirement party, children’s event, or anything in between, a quality agency will be able to make suggestions that you may never have even thought of on your own. Add a wow factor to your event with the wide variety of acts and performers that they will be able to provide. Don’t go at it on your own. Here are the top ten reasons to hire an entertainment agency for your next event.



10 Reasons to hire and entertainment agency in 2015 - IN POST


You may have considered a DJ or a live band, but would you have thought about acrobats or a laser light show? What about caricaturists, speed painters, or sand artists? Entertainment agencies work with hundreds of performers and can suggest unique acts that will be sure to surprise and amuse the attendants of your event. They can help you establish a specialized theme with niche performers and help establish the ambiance for your event. Even if you have a great idea, you may not know where to go to find the talent. Need a fire-breather for a big impact moment or an orchestra for a sophisticated setting? You may be scrambling to find one on your own, but an entertainment agency will have them on speed dial.



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You have one chance to get this right. No matter how many recommendations you receive or interviews you hold, screening for quality on your own can be hit or miss. An entertainment agency will already have established a relationship with the talent that works through them. They will be sure to provide top quality acts with a reputation for success that are suitable for what you have planned. Assured by a proven track record of pleased customers, testimonials, photos, and recordings, you will not be burdened by the stress of hoping that the act you hired turns out as well as you expected. Save yourself time and energy by letting an entertainment agency do this footwork for you.




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Does your event require a motivational speaker for during the day and a band for dinner? Maybe you are planning a wedding and would like a string quartet during dinner but a DJ for dancing later. If you are scheduling a corporate event, you may have several days’ worth of entertainment to provide for. Rather than interview, screen, and sign contracts with multiple parties, let an entertainment agency coordinate the services that you require and provide them for one contract price.





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Not only can you book multiple acts at a time, which is sure to save you money over booking separate talent yourself, but an agency will be able to provide competitive pricing on individual acts. Because the performers with an agency get a higher volume of work, they are able to charge more competitive rates than someone working on their own. Think of it like shopping at a large department store rather than a mom & pop shop. Just like in retail, higher volume tends to mean lower prices.




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What if the performers that you have hired get sick, stuck in traffic, or for some unknown reason turn out to be a no-show? No need to panic. This will be the entertainment agency’s responsibility to deal with and provide back-up for. Instead of scrambling for a substitute and struggling to obtain a refund, you can relax while the agency takes care of any emergency situation that may occur. They have the experience and expertise to provide a fix for any random issue that might arise, and they have the resources to fill your unexpected entertainment gap.


Customer Service

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Working with individual entertainers on your own may mean discussing your plans with the performers themselves. While they may be wonderful at parties, this does not mean that they handle the business side of things nearly as well. The customer service may be lacking or completely nonexistent. With an entertainment agency working as your liaison, you will be treated with respect and your concerns will be theirs. They will be available during business hours, which a performer may not be. Any issues that arise will be addressed by a company that is working for you. An entertainment agency is more likely to have a helpful website, 24 hour emergency number, and knowledgeable customer service representatives.



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Besides having already screened acts for you, an entertainment agency will have vast knowledge of venues, preferred suppliers, and local restrictions. Maybe you were hoping to have a live band for your wedding reception in a historic mansion that the agency is aware of having a restriction against such things. You may have booked a DJ who was planning to blast music into a venue with volume limits. They might help you by suggesting a caterer for your organic buffet. An entertainment agency has been arranging events like yours for years and has priceless knowledge of the ins and outs of party planning.



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You have enough to deal with. Let the arrangements between the venue and entertainers be handled by someone else. Unless you are looking forward to taking calls from a DJ asking about volume limits and number of outlets or a band asking about stage size, let someone else cover this. They can also make sure that your services are scheduled in coordination with each other. Not to mention, the agency will keep you out of any disagreements or debates that may crop up between providers.






Don’t leave your special day to a service provider who is still building their reputation. Your event is too special to be left to chance or considered some kind of experiment. Acts that are booked by an entertainment agency are certain to have a level of experience required to provide a professional and enjoyable time at your event. They will have overcome difficulties and served all types of personalities, and are equipped to professionally handle your event.




Whereas the entertainment that you hire on your own may be very good at their particular task, they will not look at the big picture encompassing your entire event. An entertainment agency will look at everything you have planned and help the entire event run smoothly with everyone involved properly coordinated. For seamless transitions between activities without awkward pauses and questioning looks, let an entertainment agency prepare the way.


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An entertainment agency can be an invaluable resource for your next large event, reducing your stress and ensuring your success. Choose an agency that is established in planning the type of event that you are preparing for in order to optimize your experience. A quality agency will be able to provide you with suggestions of talent to consider, examples of their work, and competitive rates. With an entertainment agency working for you, your event is sure to make an impact and provide enjoyable memories to everyone in attendance. Here at  earcandy we believe in delivering only the best for our clients. If there is anything we can help with at all then please feel free to get in touch with one of our team.


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