10 Reasons Why Live Music Makes a Difference

When planning out the entertainment for your special day, many people come to a crossroad trying to decide between live music or just a nice sound system playing music.  Albeit it will always be cheaper to use a sound system than hiring a live band, there are a lot of things to consider that may show you why it’s always better to have a live band instead of just a sound system playing the music at your wedding.


  • The atmosphere

When you have music coming through a sound system, it almost just blends in with the environment.  After a few seconds of being at the wedding, everyone becomes accustom to the “background music.” The difference with a band is it’s NEVER background music! It’s lively, interactive and gets the crowd dancing.


  • No Pressure

Having a live band perform is a very interactive event, with the singer often speaking to the crowd and commenting on the wedding.  This relieves a lot of pressure from guests who are shy and overall makes it a more comfortable atmosphere.


  • More memorable


When people are near a star, it leaves a lasting impression. Having a famous (at least moderately famous or locally famous) band at your wedding will make everyone there, including you, remember the event so much more.


  • See Someone Live for the First Time

Having someone perform live at your wedding is the perfect way to see an artist live that you never got a chance to see before. Why hire someone you’ve already experienced performing live when it can be someone you always wished you could see live?


  • Make Headlines

Having a live performer often attracts the attention of local news outlets.  If you want everyone around town buzzing about your wedding, a live band is a great way to do it.


  • Autographs!

Even when you go to see a band live in a concert, it’s basically impossible to get anywhere near the band to get a photograph or an autograph.  When the band is performing for your wedding though, you don’t have that problem! You’ll have tons of opportunities to get everything you want (including your body) signed by the band.


  • Hear New Songs

You’d be surprised at how many bands try out their latest work for the first time at small performances. Often bands want to gauge a small audience to see how people react to their song. You might be the lucky one who gets to hear the next hit song for the first time!


  • More Dancing


You simply cannot compare having a sound system to having a live band when it comes to dancing.  A live band will get everyone in the room on their feet and moving, which also helps to make lasting memories.



  • No Sound System Errors

Running a surround sound system can be complex and tasking, and if you haven’t hired a professional to manage all of it, you’re going to have tons of issues with the sound from a sound system. Unbalanced sounds, microphone feedback and distorted sounds are just a few of the common problems people face when using large surround sound systems like the ones needed for a wedding.


  • Start the Honeymoon Right

Everyone knows after the wedding comes the honey moon! If you want one thing to set the wedding off perfectly and start the honeymoon on the right tone, then having a live band will do that. Having a famous singer congratulate you and serenade you with love songs will have you in the honeymoon mindset before the wedding is even over.


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