10 Steps to planning the perfect office Christmas party.



  1. Don’t take everything on yourself.


As tempting as it can be to play SUPER HOST(ESS), unless your office is really tiny, nobody can do that. Instead, get your happy band of volunteers and split tasks between them. Have one team look after food, another looking after decor, etc.


        2. Set the date.


Set the date ahead of time to make sure that as many people as possible can attend. You can send out some feelers to figure out what dates work best for the majority, and remember, you don’t need to hold your Christmas party before Christmas – you can have it in January to ring in the new year and start on a high note.


New Year party at office close-up


        3. What’s your budget?


You’ll need to figure out how much money is being allocated to the party, then split it based upon what’s most important for your particular party. For many, the order tends to be food/drinks, then entertainment, then decor.



    businessman dancing 4. Find a venue.


If your business has the space for a party, you’re set. If not, you’ll have to book a venue based upon approximately how many people may be attending and the sort of budget that you’ve been given.



       5. Plan on a theme.


You can get theme ideas from sites like Pinterest, or by polling your party committee and office mates. Do you want a typical, family-friendly set-up, or something a little fancier? Once you figure this out, it’s easier to plan the rest of the party.



      6. Figure out your food.


Food choices can make or break a party. Find out what everyone’s dietary needs are because the last thing you want is someone having an allergic reaction and getting incredibly sick. Depending upon the type of party you’re having, you’ll want to plan for snacks, a main course, and dessert. If you’re going extra-fancy, then plan on a round of appetizers, too.


    7. Plan your drinks.


Do you want an open bar? Fancy cocktails following your party theme? Or is it a “bring your own booze” affair? What non-alcoholic options will you have available? You’ll probably want to have some form of nog available – I mean, this is a Christmas party.


    8.Pick some appropriate entertainment.


Whether you’re picking a seasonal act, an earcandy DJ, or something a little more interactive, the right entertainment can make your party even more memorable and help make sure that nobody winds up bored.


     9. Decorate to impress!


Don’t skimp on the decor! Depending on the theme you’ve decided to go with, you can have a lot of fun decorating in sparkly silver and snowy white for that “winter Let's get this party started!wonderland” feel, or red and green for the classic Christmas look. Decorating with handmade items is just as valid as store-bought, it just depends upon what it is that you’re going for, as far as appearances go. Common popular Christmas decorations include poinsettias, colourful twinkling lights, pine trees, bells, gingerbread, Santa Claus himself, reindeer, snow, toys, and even colourful candies.


10. If you’re serving alcohol: plan on alternate ways for everyone to get home.


Whether you take everyone’s keys as they show up and have designated drivers set up ahead of time, or  have the party take place at a hotel, you have to plan for safety. You don’t want anybody drinking and driving because that’s a great way to ruin someone’s Christmas for the rest of their lives.


Stay tuned for more fantastic Christmas entertaining ideas!

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