10 Tips to the perfect wedding Etiquette

When it comes to handling all the affairs around your big day, registries, invitations and the like, it can be a bit intimidating to say the least. Don’t start stressing just yet though, we have 10 tips to the perfect wedding etiquette that will help you along the way to planning your special day. Some of them may be no-brainers that you may just need a reminder on, others will be nice nuances that you may never have thought of, in either case, we hope this helps you be that little bit better prepared for any eventualities that may arise at your wedding or on the way to it during the engagement and planning.

Communication is key…

Don’t announce your engagement of Facebook or any social media until you have informed all of your closest family members. No-one wants to hear about their grandchild’s engagement via a status update, remember that the wedding day will be as much about your family as it is you, so it’s only respectful to include them in the engagement news.

It’s all about class…

Have some class, don’t put your gift registry on the wedding invite. Your friends and family want to know that you are inviting them, not their wallets and gift giving abilities. Make sure your invite has carefully selected wording that puts emphasis on how much you love them and appreciate their friendship and leave it at that. If you are worried about the register, send an email out a few weeks prior to the event with a reminder and your registry codes.

Be punctual….

Nobody likes waiting. Particularly at weddings. While it is a relaxed affair, for the guests at least, there is such a thing as too much time between events. Don’t make your guests wait too long between the ceremony and reception and make sure the speeches are done at the right time before dinner.



IF a friend or person is not invited to the wedding, then don’t invite them to the bridal shower either. This will just end up most likely offending the person you want to invite when you don’t include them on the wedding day, or worse, you could end up inviting them to the wedding out of pity on the night, ruining your wedding planning at the last minute.

Let the singles mingle…

It’s not like you want to send unspoken messages to remind them, they know it already and chances are some of them might not even be concerned with it.

Seating plans..

Plan your seating to include a blend of all your friends and family and consider everyone’s personality types before you just randomly assign bums to seats. If you have a personality clash between two guests, then keep them seated at opposite ends of the room.


Party Time ….


Don’t make guests pay for their own drinks. You have come this far, the food, the venue, the dress, the endless sleepless nights thinking about how things go on the day. So don’t skimp out and make people pay for their alcohol. Most people will be respectful and won’t overdo it anyway. Rather inform the bar staff to cut off anyone that they think might be getting unruly.


Food & Festivities

Remember the backbone of your day, don’t forget to feed and take care of your wedding staff. They are people too and just because you are having a good time, does not mean that they have to be servants to you like a Cleopatra. Make sure they are taken care of, it’s a few minutes in the day that will make them respect you more and work harder for you. Of course don’t forget the live entertainment whether it’s live bands or acts you’re looking for

Make them feel welcome…

Greet all your guests personally. You brought them here and they came to see you, so make sure you have the courtesy to greet everyone as they arrive. Most people are punctual to weddings, so you should have to dawdle around for too long. IF that can’t be done then make sure you spend a little time with everyone at each table.

Thank you….

Don’t wait for a whole year to send out your thankyou cards. While it may seem like a moment that will live on forever in your mind for you and your new partner, for everyone else, life moves on, things happen, new events come about and memories disappear. so make sure you follow up within the first two weeks after you return from you honeymoon.

Have fun!


There you have it! 10 tips to the perfect wedding etiquette that will help you have a better time with your guests and family. On the big day, when it all comes into motion, if you have planned right then everything will go according to plan, however, those that fail to plan, plan to fail. So don’t be that couple. Congratulations on your coming engagement and we hope you have an amazing, special wedding day!

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