11 reasons why London is the perfect Christmas party venue

It’s party time, and London is the perfect place to host a Christmas party. Not sure why? Well, that’s why we’re here. Follow us on a journey through all the reasons why London is the perfect Christmas party venue.


  1. A Christmas Carol was first published here in 1843.


One of the most iconic Christmas stories of all time was first published in London and has helped shape aspects of the celebration even today (and given us an idea of how the Victorians did it). It was written during a time when the Victorians were exploring how they celebrated Christmas anyway, developing new traditions (like the modern Christmas tree and Christmas cards), and going back to old ones.


  1. London’s fantastic club scene.


Among other things, the City of London is known for a range of clubs and other night spots for those that are into that sort of thing. Some of these places, like The Laundry on Warburton Road, even rent space for parties. Parties like yours, by the way.


  1. London’s royal roots.


Royals of all sorts have been haunting (and are haunting) London for centuries, and they’ve left behind some fantastic places to hold a party, like the various orangeries and palaces that dot the city. Places like Hampton Palace that have seen royalty dance on its floors make for an unexpected, and amazing, Christmas party venue, the likes of which would be difficult to find elsewhere.


  1. It’s on the Thames.


The Thames River has guided explorers into the unknown, and can provide the ultimate backdrop to your Christmas party. Have you ever held a party on board a ship? With the likes of the HMS Belfast, HQS Wellington, or one of the River Party Boats from londonpartyboats.co.uk, you have several unique options to provide your guests with something a little different. Did you know that Tower Bridge has space that can be rented out for parties and the like? Well, now you do!


  1. London is where history comes from.


Alright, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but London is an ancient city with many attractions that tell her story and allow your guests a little play-time before and after the party. Some venues, like the Tower of London, offer that glimpse into the city’s past that few other places can offer.


  1. London is in the middle of tons of talent.


It’s easy to find the right food, DJs, and everything else to make your party as fantastic as you possibly can in London. You don’t have to go outside the city for anything, not even music – especially not music, since earcandy is based in London proper. You know. You’re going to need music.


  1. London’s public transit system.


Transit covers pretty much every major thoroughfare and can get your party-goers anywhere and everywhere they need to go.


  1. There’s something for everyone.


More of a pub-goer? There are several pubs that rent space. Like something fancy? There’s a cocktail club or two. Any taste and budget can be catered to without having to go too far outside your comfort zone.


  1. There’s lots to do.


If your guests are coming from far off, they won’t be bored in the time leading up to your party and even afterward. There’s so much for everyone to see and do that they’ll be quite happy to come back next year.


  1. It’s easy.


Holding a party in London means not having to go very far to source anything, which helps prevent a massive headache for you and your guests.


  1. Have you seen London during Christmas time?


Londoners really get into the spirit of things, with markets, massive lighting displays, and so many fantastic things to see, do, and eat during Christimas time.  Nobody else does Christmas like London.


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