20 Tips for a wonderful winter wedding experience

Winter weddings are wonderful; they have a special theme to them that makes them intimate and unique. Your winter wedding experience requires a few preparations that you normally wouldn’t consider in a summer wedding, the dark nights last longer and the temperature plays a huge role in the comfort of your guests during the ceremony and reception.

We prepared this list of 20 tips for you to use at your winter wedding covering everything from the venue to your style and photography, we hope you enjoy them and good luck, fortune and prosperity for your new life together!


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  1. Use a single venue – Winter hazards on the roads mean that your guests will take longer to get to the venue at this time of year. Make sure that you take that into account when you decide what time to kick off the festivities.
  1. Organise a chauffeur service for those guests that live in the same area. This idea takes the onus of responsibility of getting to and from your reception and it’s a cheaper idea than renting accommodation.
  1. Set the mood – The light will be low even during the daytime, so it makes for a fantastic idea to use natural lighting to softly accentuate the venue. Using candles, or firelight from a fireplace is a great way to make the entire venue seem more intimate and cosy.
  1. Set a colour theme – Winter is associated with the white snowed hills and icy crystals hanging from rooftops. Round off your white colour theme with silver and gold for and elegant touch to your venue.
  1. Hire a concierge – If the venue does not provide a concierge service, then make sure to get one yourself to co-ordinate the reception of your guests at the venue. They can organise things like coat checks and drivers when the time is needed.


  1. Warm their hearts – It’s cold outside, so make sure that you have some soft, thick, warm blankets on hand that suit the colour scheme of your venue. Make sure the area is warmed with natural fireplaces and if you must use heaters, then select the types that give off a natural flame light.
  1. Embrace the season – Make use of winter novelty items such as hats and gloves with your initials sewn into them as gifts for your guests.
  1. Don’t forget the cake! – Wedding cakes can be made into amazing winter themes, have a chat with your local caterer about what winter themes they can offer you. The cake is the ultimate centrepiece, so make sure that you have something that stands out and matches the ambience of the venue.
  1. Hire a venue planner – It’s well worth the extra money to hire a wedding venue planner and have them do the work for you. They simply have a consulting session with you and then go to work on making your dream wedding come true. People often shy away from this because they see it as an expense but the savings they incur from networks that they have established over the years saves you a lot of time, money and frustration in pulling everything together by your deadline date for the Big Day.
  1. Hire a professional photographer – The lighting in photos is critical and at this time of year its low all the time. A professional photographer will have the equipment needed to make sure every photo comes out picture perfect.


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  1. Keep umbrellas on standby – Having some brollies ready to go for your guests to use as they move between areas at the venue, is a great idea. You can even have them branded with your initials and use them as gifts for your guests if you want to go that route.
  1. Keep the toes warm – Have the option of offering your guests thick, warm slippers to keep their feet warm if they are sitting at the table.
  1. Hand warmers – are a great idea for your guests that don’t want to wear gloves. There are many different ideas for them and colours available, speak to your wedding planner or concierge to see what they can offer you.
  1. The accessories – When it comes to your guests, think blankets and cardigans or robes, for yourself a good cape or thinker veil are great options to look at.


  1. Bling it – Silver and gold glitter work marvellously in low light conditions to bring a sparkle into the air.
  1. Dress your best – The groomsmen will look good in a cashmere blazer that sports a rich colour like gold or silver.
  1. Don’t forget the bridesmaids – make sure that you have something warm for them to slip on or into after the ceremony is finished so that they can comfortably enjoy the reception.
  1. Environmental comforts – Having a bowl of chap sticks or mini-moisturisers available for your guests keeps them from drying out from the heaters or fireplaces.
  1. Underneath it all – If you are worried your dress might not keep the heat in , then go for some slimline thermal underwear underneath it, or make the dress with long sleeves to keep you that bit warmer as you stand at the altar.
  1. Enjoy the day – Congratulations! You made it and the day is here, now relax and have some fun with your friends and family.
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