3 ideas for an all-white wedding

One of the most traditional and effective wedding colour themes is white. A white wedding is a stunning theme to behold. Not only can your dress be the usual white, but you can dress the bridesmaids in white and even the groomsmen as well! White is not limited to just your plain white laundry style but can be incorporated into other white colours such as ivory or cream as well.

White works well with everything, from the garments to the table settings, an all-white wedding is a spectacle to behold. The over-all effect brings a feeling of class, simplicity and beauty that brings with it an absence of colour, providing a tone and theme of purity and cleanliness, there is no struggling to match colours together.

White works with all your wedding gear, From your stationary and invitations to your confetti and wedding table settings. Don’t forget about the chairbacks and candles! Waving the white wand over your wedding reception will bring a clean, pure theme to your reception that will make everything blend into a white washed theme that echoes the wintertime landscape.


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A ski lodge theme

Have you ever been skiing? Days having fun in the snow filled alps, followed by long evenings in front of the fireplace sipping on gluhwein. Bring this into your wedding theme and go heavy on the accessories such as white blankets. You can even add in something special for your guests, white velvet gloves with your guest’s names embroidered in the cuff in ivory or silver for the ladies, make for wonderful, thoughtful gifts. For the men, white scarves with their name embroidered on the ends of the scarf make for fantastic, warming gifts.

The Scandinavian

Scandinavian winter landscapes are some of the most gorgeous in the world. Snow-capped peaks with snow falling all around them, with the room lit with the soft glow of lanterns, makes for an amazing cozy feeling. Bring this theme into your wedding ceremony and reception by using rich, white tablecloths and use a giant snow globe as the centrepiece of your table. Encourage your guests to shake the globe under the low lamp light from your glass vase candles produces a wonderful winter theme that will keep everyone at the table mesmerised. Cut some branches from a tree and paint them white, they will make for fantastic additions to your reception area if you hang lanterns from them.


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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

The magical experience of a snowfall on your winter wedding day is something special to behold. If you are lucky enough to be graced with snowflakes, make sure that you get your wedding photos taken in the snowfall, however, make sure that you keep yourself cozy and warm with a jacket in between shoot setups.

If it doesn’t snow, then make your own winter wonderland. Silver and white go really well together and the silver actually accentuates the white further, providing a deep, rich feel to anything you apply it to. Use silver glitter and snowflakes on your table settings and hang white tinsel from the roof.

The final word

White is the favoured colour of a wedding theme, it speaks of the purity of the bride and the joining of the two of you in your new life together, starting with a clean slate. While the trend in recent years has been to incorporate colour into the theme, going with a traditional, classic white wedding will leave your guests breathless with the beauty on display and make for some fantastic memories and photos for you to look back on.


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