4 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

There are a few special occasions in your lifetime that you will want to remember forever. Capturing those moments, the smiles, the laughs, the emotion, is no easy task but when it’s done right, those memories will come flooding back from the past, no matter how long ago they were captured. That’s why you need a professional wedding photographer available to you at your wedding. They are there to capture you in elegance and humility as you say your vows in the ceremony. They are there to direct you when taking your photos together as man and wife and they are nowhere to be seen as they stay in the background and snap away at you as you and your friends and family party the evening away at your reception.

Having a professional photographer on hand to catch these fleeting moments just makes good sense, don’t bother trying to get someone to do it for you, pics from your mobile phone will never turn out the same way and having a dedicated family member as your photographer is a sure disaster as they get caught up in the emotion of the day.


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Still not convinced? Well, maybe we can talk you to reason with our top 4 reasons to hire a photographer for your wedding day.

  1. Remember everyone.

A professional wedding photographer doesn’t have a bias, they know what they are doing and they have experience in photographing wedding receptions and ceremonies. They will make sure that all you family and friends are photographed and that they capture the right images of the right family members at the right moments.

  1. Planning

Photographers work a plan that they use for most weddings, they know where to be positioned in the ceremony to get the right shots of the passing of the rings and the vows, the right time to capture a shot of mom as she wipes away a tear of joy, all the right time to take the perfect snap of the two of you together as the sun sets in the background.

  1. The right tool for the job

You don’t have to panic about out of focus or poorly lit mobile camera pictures taken by your soon to be niece. A professional, values the tools of their trade and will have a full range of equipment, in most cases very expensive equipment, such as advanced, powerful lenses that has the capability of capturing the detail in a close up and the full frame of a wide shot of the family without anyone being cut out.

They understand lighting and how it affects a shot, knowing where to position you to get the most from every time they push the snap button.



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  1. Impartial eyes & post production

Professionals aim to capture the emotion of the moment, not get caught yp in it. Imagine asking aunt Irene to get some shots of your first dance, chances are she will be so emotionally distraught and choked up in tears that she won’t even remember to pick up the camera, let alone focus and capture the right frame size and lighting.

A professional wedding photographer will have real-world experience of knowing the exact right moments that matter and then compiling them into a collection of shots that can be viewed as a portfolio with a lovely, natural flow to the day’s events.

The pros have access to advanced editing software and are able to airbrush and enhance your photos when the project is completed, they can even add a video sequence attached to your wedding song for a beautiful video wedding collage.


The final thought

We hope you finally see the light, or the flash in this case, and opt to hire a photography professional to create some wonderful memories of you and your betrothed, your family’s and your friends on your big day, don’t leave it to chance, leave it to the professional wedding photographer!

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