4 tips to make your wedding makeup last all day

Wintertime landscapes are filled with romance and intimacy. When we think of the winter, picturesque scenes come to mind, long evenings and beautiful snowfalls filled with icicles hanging from the gutters. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience a winter wedding?

Fortunately, the winter is free from the heat of the summertime, so you can relax in the fact that your makeup probably won’t get warm and melt from your face, however, the warmth from the fireplace, or dancing in an enclosed reception area may cause your makeup to run. We consulted some makeup artists for their expert advice on how to make sure that your makeup stays where you want it and will not require much touching up throughout the day.


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Change your skincare regimen in advance

Whatever you do, don’t leave it to the week before your big day before changing your skin care regimen. Changing your routine could possibly lead to skin irritation or a bad reaction to a skincare product, this would simply ruin the day and your wedding photos, so make sure that you give yourself enough time to prepare properly in advance.

When it comes to the wintertime, your skin can dry out easily, so make sure that you take an emphasis on hydration in your daily skin care routine. Hydrating your face will produce a soft canvas for you to begin your makeup routine on the big day and will make your face glow, perfect for pictures.

Hydrated skin makes a massive difference when applying your makeup and keeping it from running during the day. Be diligent about exfoliating your skin at least twice weekly and switch your lighter, summertime moisturiser for a heavier one that offers greater penetration and hydration for your skin. The howling winds and change of humidity in the air during the winter season will dry out your skin and a dry face is the worst possible starting point for your makeup routine.


Take a break from the SPF

We have all had enough constant haggling from dermatologists about using an SPF sun cream in our daily makeup routine. However, the wedding day would be the only exception. SPF sun cream has an extra slickness in it that can eat through your makeups foundation during the day, it also tends to provide a sheen on your face in photos, this is a big no-no for photographers and can ruin your wedding photos.

For the big day, leave the sunscreen at home, just remember to pack it with you for your honeymoon!


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Use the best of both

As we discussed, your skin is a lot drier in the wintertime, using both cream and liquid products provide coverage and hydration at the same time, giving you that ‘Glowing bride’ look that is so adored in wedding photos and will produce a sheen under the camera flash or under the lights in the ceremony chapel, or the dancefloor on your first dance.

Keep your skin comfortable and hydrated with a foundation stick and or a liquid formula that provides comfort and cushioning to your skin. Stick to creamy blushes that look natural and easier to touch up than powders after you have shed a tear or two with the emotion of the day.


Bring in the colour

You aren’t going out to the club, so make sure that you do not overdo it with bright colours that should be saved for another day. Chances are that your dress will be the classic white, or some variation of it, so use colours such as a bright red to accentuate the lips or some smokey eye makeup to emphasise your eyes.

Not only do deep colours such as dark reds look absolutely gorgeous, they have longer lasting pigments that don’t wear off as easily as lighter ones. Line the lips with a liner that will match the shade of lipstick and then fill it in before applying the lipstick, this will give it better adherence and a final layer of matte lipstick will help seal in everything for a long-lasting effect.


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