4 winter wedding tips from expert planners

While most couples opt for the traditional summer wedding, there’s something simply pure and special about a wintertime wedding. For those that have the courage to brave the cold, you will be rewarded with an experience that is unique and intimate.

The wintertime is the perfect season for a wedding and to give you a few ideas for your winter theme, we have consulted with a few wedding planning specialist to bring you a few ideas to add to your reception and ceremony to really embrace the wintertime theme and make the most of your winter wedding day.


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Theme and lighting

Winter weddings are held amidst the holiday season, so it’s important to take care with the colours that you select. Going with an all-white wedding theme is a classic but stay clear of mixing in other colours that can be mis-interpreted to other themes such as Christmas.

Pairing red into white is probably not the best idea, however, silver, ivory and cream colours work well together to form a colour theme that expresses the wintertime perfectly. Make all of your table settings and guest place cards from these colours and you will find that the colours blend seamlessly into a palette that is both attractive and simple.

Keep the colours flowing into everything in the room, from the tablecloths and runners to the candles and the chairbacks, everything should reflect and even, smooth tone that accentuates the season and adds to the theme of the season.


Expect the unexpected

You can plan everything for your big day right down to the candles and napkins, but you can’t plan for the weather. Make sure that you take the time to plan for snowfalls, rain and extreme cold by choosing a venue that has close proximity between where the ceremony and receptions will be held, reducing the time needed to travel between the venues. If you can, hire a venue that includes both the reception and the ceremony in one.

Hire a valet service to usher you guests into the room if is raining, provide your guests with warm blankets for their legs while they are seated in the chapel or at the reception table. If your guests get chilly, then you can be assured that they will be leaving shortly thereafter, so make sure that you take care of them and keep them warm. A fire pit is also a fantastic way to keep everyone warm and still enjoy an outdoor experience in the cold, coupled with some rich eggnog, or warm gluhwein, make for a special experience that your guests will remember forever.



Keep the air moving

Having a lot of people gathered in one area, especially when it is enclosed, is an easy way to make a room feel stuffy and humid. Can you imagine how your guests would feel if they couldn’t breathe? Chances are they will be making regular trips outside for some air, which in turn will expose them to things such as the flu. No-one will want to remember your wedding day as the event that made them sick, so ensure that your venue is well ventilated and that the air flows freely in the room.


Keep your guests comfortable

While this may be your big day, it’s not all about the two of you. Your friends and family have taken the time to attend the announcement of your official union, so make sure that you take care of their needs and keep them comfortable. The easiest method in achieving this is to hire a wedding concierge with experience in handling wintertime weddings, they will have plenty of ideas on how to keep your guests comfortable. However, if you are getting married on a budget, then take these few tips; greet your guests with a warm beverage such as some rich hot chocolate or strong coffee, keep pullover blankets close on hand. At the reception, make sure you have a coat check at your reception and that the reception is properly serviced with quality staff from the venue that are used to hosting winter wedding receptions.


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