5 of the best coastal wedding venues in the UK

A great idea, if you live in the UK, is to have a wedding at the coast, so that’s why we put together this guide to give you 5 of the best coastal wedding venues in the UK. Coastal weddings have a different atmosphere around them and there is nothing quite as romantic as tying the knot on a beach in front of all your closest family and friends. So here is our list for you to have a look through, we hope you find something you like!


kingsarmsKings Arms Hotel

If you are in Dorset and looking for a wedding venue, then you won’t find a better spot than the Kings Arms Hotel. The Kings Arms has everything you could possibly need to host the very best coastal wedding you could ever dream of. With a fairy tale atmosphere and a charm around the venue that makes it feel unique, special and warm, with views of the bowling greens and the Avon river in the background. The Kings Arms is licensed to host up to 100 guests for a wedding function and they have a beautiful garden with a veranda and pavilion that is perfect for any reception



spitbankSpitbank fort

Next on the list is Spitbank fort. This world renowned sea fort is a mile from the Portsmouth coastline in the centre of the Solent, the fort has been transformed into a wonderfully spell-binding coastal hotel. With amazing service, incredible views and offers a much more cosy environment for a smaller, more intimate wedding. With the crow’s nest being able to accommodate 60 people and the dining room only 20, it may be for those people that are looking for a venue with a closer feel to it.




st audiresSt Audries Park

St Audries Park is another fantastic coastal wedding venue set in the heart of a serene deer park. The immaculate grounds and the stunning sea views will blow you away and will make for an absolutely breath-taking place for you to exchange your vows. Built for 130 guests to dine and 250 guests in total, St Audries Park is a larger venue for those with a lot of guests to invite. Winner of “Wedding Ideas Magazine’s “Best Wedding Venue” in 2013, it is sure to offer you a wedding experience you will never forget.



marriotBournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel

The Bournemouth Highcliff Marriott Hotel is a fantastic venue for anyone that really wants a great ocean view and fantastic service as their focuses for their wedding day and reception, built to accommodate 120 guests for your ceremony and 150 guests for your wedding breakfast, the Highcliff Marriott is a venue that is also for larger parties, with the main ball-room able to accommodate up to 220 guests for your reception. This hotel, while not so historic, makes up for it with enmities that just can’t be found anywhere else, a great venue for a great wedding.



angelAngel house in East Sussex

Last on the list, but not least, we have the Angel house in East Sussex. A sea view experience of the Brighton-hove is straight off their balcony and the facilities are able to cater to a smaller group of guests, but what they lack in size, they make up for with excellent fittings and great service, it’s no wonder they were shortlisted for the 2016 UK wedding venue of the year.

So there you have our guide to 5 of the best coastal wedding venues in the UK, we hope you find a venue that is perfect for your wedding! Good luck!



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