5 ideas to make your winter wedding magical

Winter weddings are magical affairs. Everything about the winter season has a more intimate feel to it. Maybe it’s because of cold evenings wrapped up in blankets together by the fireplace, or taking a walk in the forest to see the bare branches and leaves colourfully laid out on the ground. Whatever the reason, winter just feels like a time of the year when you want to be close to the one you love.

So taking your vows in the wintertime is not as bad an idea as you may think. While everyone is rushing to make plans for the spring or summer, having a wintertime wedding can offer you a lot of benefits that you might not receive in the season to follow. With good company, great food and amazing music, you are sure to have the ultimate winter wedding!


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Let’s look at 5 Ideas to make your winter wedding magical;


When choosing your colour palette for the wedding theme, rather than go for the traditional reds, browns and greens associated with the winter, try out something a bit cleaner by using colours like silver, white and sterling grey. These colours provide a rich depth to the room and the theme while keeping things bright. Use these colours in all your table settings and room décor. Colour sets the visual theme for the ceremony and reception, so having a set of colours that add to the seasonal theme will make the affair seem that more intimate.


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Don’t forget to add it into the floral arrangements. There’s no need for the traditional colours for your floral arrangements. Stick with the silvers, greys and whites and bring that theme into the flowers providing an elegant final touch. White hydrangeas and boutonnieres make beautiful arrangements that can be put together with white ribbon and finished with crystals. Flowers really make the day and with out-of-the-box choices, you really can find an arrangement that is unique and satisfying.


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The invitations are a critical component of your wedding reception and ceremony. Winter can be seen as a more formal time of year and your invitations should reflect this. Go beyond the traditional card invites and do something different by selecting firm, clear plastic as your card, then write on it with a white, no-removable pen. This is a totally unique idea that will have your guests wondering about the day to come. Slip them into a silver envelope with some calligraphy detailing the guests names and you will be good to go with an invitation that will make it hard for your guests to say no.

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Table centre-pieces

The table centre-pieces. Instead of trying your best to drive out the seasons weather, bring it indoors. That might sound like lunacy, but with a little creativity, you might be surprised at the outcome. Instead of the traditional table dressings and centre-pieces, take a cue from mother nature and instead of using candles, make your centre-pieces ice sculptures. This is another way of making your wedding different and bringing out the wow factor for your guests. The environment should feel clean and crisp and the ice sculptures will have you and all you guests feeling like you are visiting the ice castle.


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Music and drinks

Consider hiring a bespoke Jazz outfit as your wedding band. Winter is a time that feels better to sit and chill at the table with a glass of wine, than it is to get up and rage on the dancefloor. A Jazz band keeps the mood mellow but engaging and makes for great conversation. To keep the mood right, make sure that you have a cocktail hour as your guests are seated and serve cocktails that a warming and inviting and as a tasty non-alcoholic option, nothing beats a white-chocolate café-mocha with a double espresso.

Take these 5 simple ideas and use them to accentuate your wintertime wedding. The one rule that you should always have in mind is; make sure your guests are always kept warm! Good luck in your new life together!

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