5 Ingredients For a Perfect Outdoor Wedding

More couples than ever before are choosing to get married outdoors. We live in a beautiful country with an abundance of diverse scenery, so why not?


We all have places in the great outdoors that are close to our hearts, it may be woodland that you go walking in with your family, a beach that you love to visit in the summer and have barbecues on till the sun’s gone down or remote ruins that you chanced upon when out hiking with your other half. These places can have a lot of meaning for us and would make wonderfully unusual and poignant places to marry.


Unfortunately in Britain, excluding Scotland, you cannot legally just marry anywhere you wish but that doesn’t need to stop you. There are certain laws and regulations in place and you can only legally marry in registered venues or religious places of worship. You still have options though……


Find A Venue With An Outdoor Location

If you are getting married in the UK and want to legally get married outdoors, find a venue that offers this. The options are endless, from the lawns of grand country houses, historic castle courtyards, ancient ruins, enchanting woodlands and crystal clear lakes, there will be a venue in the UK that will offer your dream outdoor wedding location.


Have a Blessing First

If there is a spot in the UK that really holds a place close to your heart, you could hold a low key legal ceremony elsewhere first, then have a blessing or non-humanist ceremony there. This way you will be able to have a special meaningful ceremony in the location you dream of.


Fly Away

If you truly have your heart set on having a legal marriage outdoors in a location of your choice then head to Scotland or another country where it is allowed. Go down the correct legal route for that country and you can get married anywhere your heart desires.


Hold The Reception Outdoors


You may not be able to have your ceremony in your ideal outdoor location, so why not have a party there instead? Weather permitting, it could be wonderful! With the right planning and logistics, you could have your wedding reception in a gorgeous rural spot. Just ensure you get permission from the landowner first and prepare for the weather.



Enhance your outdoor setting with beautiful decorations. You could cover trees with fairy lights and pom poms, have gorgeous floral arches, whimsical ribbon backdrops, benches, hay bales, an open-sided marquee or something a little unusual such as lampshades hanging from tree branches. You can really go wild!

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