5 questions for selecting your wedding theme

Creating the right wedding theme that reflects both you and your partners own individual personalities, styles and tastes may seem somewhat of a challenge. Relax! It isn’t as big of a drama as you may think and choosing a theme that you can both agree upon can be simple if you plan it right and take everyone’s thoughts into consideration.

Here are a few ideas and things to ask yourself when you sit down to plan out your wedding theme;



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  1. When’s the date?

Weddings can be very seasonal affairs and that’s the first place to start when you want to plan your theme as each season has its own unique characteristics that will carry through to your theme. A winter wedding will do well with an ice theme, or a cozy open fire pit. For a summer wedding, you might have it on the beach, or at a lakeside hotel.


  1. Where’s the event to be held?

Your choice of venue is important to your theme and taking in all of the environmental cues to your theme will amplify the experience. Most ceremonies are in a church, but there are also other times, such as beach ceremonies where the theme needs to reflect the nature of the surroundings.

For your reception, use the theme of the venue to your advantage, if you are having your reception party outdoors at a country lodge, or indoors at fancy Victorian themed hotel, then incorporate that wild theme into your food, drinks and fixtures. This idea can be used with any venues characteristics to use the entire venue as an added edge to the experience.



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  1. What atmosphere do you want?

This is a really important piece of the puzzle to creating your wedding theme. You need to take into consideration the personalities of both you and you partner, as well as your guests. Do you prefer a more nature based theme, in a large garden with water features and a jazz band playing in the gazebo? Or maybe you want to hire out a dance-club diner where you can have a meal and a load of fun?

Whatever your preference, make sure to include something that everyone can enjoy and take part in, the mood and atmosphere will dictate the food, the flowers, the table settings, the music and even the conversation of the reception and the ceremony, think about what will work for everyone.


  1. What colours will suit your theme?

The colours of your theme are another way of expressing the style, mood and atmosphere you want to project. When choosing the colour you want, select your favourite colours and then decide on whether they fit the season of the wedding day and the venue as well.

Colours are the visual representation of your themes personality and they should translate into all of your décor and even into the food as well. Red and white are popular colours, add to them some gold and silver and you have a beautiful, rich colour scheme that would suit a winter wedding theme at a lodge.


  1. Does your dress match the theme?

Brides usually select their venue and theme and then go shopping for their wedding dress. This could be looked at from a different point of view, if you select your dress first, you can then build your wedding theme around it instead.

From a bohemian wedding to a Victorian styled affair, or even a modern, fashionable piece that suits the finest hotel lobby, use your dresses style to define the theme. From Ballgowns to veils and trains, the fabrics and colours you use can extend into the décor and the feel of the reception and ceremony.



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The last word

Your wedding theme is an important part of piecing together your wedding day and celebrating the union of your families. You want to have a theme that is embraced by everyone of all ages. When everything flows into a perfect theme that your family and friends can enjoy, you know that your work into researching your theme will have been well worth it.



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