5 Styles of music to choose for your wedding entertainment

Congratulations! You have popped the question, she has accepted and you are getting married! The endorphins and the emotional high they produce, will soon be replaced with anticipation and manic-planning when you think ahead toward the wedding ceremony and reception.

The ceremony is one thing, with everyone dressed in their best and proceeding with the formalities. The reception is another. While your wedding planner can assist you in almost everything that you may need when it comes to planning the big day, the one thing they can’t do; is understand your personal style and taste in the music and the bands that you will have at your reception.

Everyone’s theme, style, genre and choice of music is different and music is what makes the party. So make sure that when you choose your live entertainment for the reception, that you are thinking with your guests in mind.

We put together this quick article to give you; 5 Styles of music to choose for your wedding entertainment that will be loved by everybody and performed with enough gusto and enthusiasm, that your guest will remember the night forever.



Motown is the only music style that is named after the record company that birthed the sound. Motown was formed in the late sixties and rose top popular prominence in the seventies and eighties with bands such as the Jackson Five, with their catchy tune; “ABC” as well as other stars such as Aretha Franklin and James Brown. Motown is soulful, upbeat party music which can have a romantic edge with the slower songs.

Motown bands usually work best in large venues and with large audiences as their style is to get the entire venue involved in their performance, however, most Motown bands give the option to book a smaller line-up to accommodate for the more modest venue. If your wedding is going to be large and in charge, then consider a full Motown band to keep you jumping when the party is going and close for a slow dance when it’s time to have the first whirl on the floor as man and wife.


Rock & Roll


Good old Rock & Roll. The music that inspired a generation of mis-led youth and led to some of the most iconic tracks in music, ever. A good rock and roll band will be able to play a set that ranges from tunes by Elvis in the late fifties, to the latest rock Ballard by Metallica that is topping the world charts.

Rock & Roll, the name really says it all. If you are looking for a party-style reception that has everyone on their feet until the morning brings in a new day.




Jazz is truly beautiful music that can suit any type of environment. Whether you want to keep it chilled with a low-tempo set, or get everyone up and moving, Jazz is the music that can suit any reception and leave everyone feeling inspired, happy and enthusiastic.

Jazz bands are also great for any size of audience. Whether your reception is 10 people or 1000 people, Jazz will set the mood that’s right for the venue and the event, you simply can’t go wrong.


Soul & R&B


Soul and R&B music is peaceful, romantic, soul-inspiring music that wraps any event up in a blanket of warm, musical sounds. R&B music has so many classics from artists like Boys2Men and Whitney Houston. R&B is best suited for smaller venues with a more intimate feeling to them.

So if you have a smaller venue and want to keep things personal, consider a soul & R&B band.


A DJ saved my life


If your budget just can’t stretch, don’t compromise and settle with the cheaper band – we’d always recommend booking a DJ instead. A DJ is able to play tracks in-between band sets and keep everyone on the party vibe and entertained.

If you are looking to only hire a DJ, make sure that they take requests and specialise in playing wedding receptions. Most DJ’s will take requests and if you manage to co-ordinate with them before the reception, you can even give them a list of your favourite songs, especially for the first dance.

Every wedding reception is different. Different people enjoy different styles and tastes in music, so make sure you are picking something that the crowd will enjoy, not just you. As much as the big day is all about the two of you, remember who is important to you and why they are there, then cater to their needs as well.


Stick to one of these 5 Styles of music to choose for your wedding entertainment and you are sure to have something that everyone can enjoy the reception with. While every reception is unique and every crowd has different tastes, these five genres of music will provide your guests and yourselves with an experience that will live on in the memories of your friends and family forever! Good luck in your new life together!



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