5 wedding concierge services in Birmingham

A good wedding concierge service helps you out on your big day. Getting ready for a wedding can be a nerve-wrecking experience, particularly for the bride. Having the right concierge service to help you through your big day can mean the difference between everyone having a great time, and a nervous breakdown.

When you are searching online for a concierge service, make sure you take the time to research their past client testimonials, as this will give you an accurate view of what to expect on the day when you really need them.

A complete wedding concierge service should offer everything to do with planning your wedding, from the chair covers, right down to the table settings and the band, a good concierge will make sure that you are ready when the day arrives and they will make sure you make it the whole way through the ceremony and reception without a single problem.

Here is our list of the 5 Wedding concierge services in Birmingham that we feel do the best job and would make for a wise decision to hire.


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One of a Kind Events

This luxury service comes with all the bells and whistles you need to make your day spectacular. They are experts at transforming the ordinary into extraordinary and offer a level of service that will keep you confident and satisfied all the way through your wedding till you leave the venue for your honeymoon.

They offer bespoke packages, catering to any size of wedding and specialise in making each event unique and tailored to the couple’s needs. Nothing is too big, or too small for the team at One-of-a-kind events. They offer a free consultation service to give you an idea of what you can expect on the day.

They are a full concierge service that caters to planning, budgeting, administration, supplier negotiation, venue sourcing, guest management, supplier sourcing, and event management on the day. The attention they pay to you is phenomenal and they are always willing to go the extra mile for their clients.


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Haley Jane Events

Offers packages that are tailored to your specific needs. They pride themselves on getting to know their clients before they undertake any planning and that’s what makes them special. By the time they are done with their consultation, you feel like they know you better than you do! This comes out in their service delivery and you can be sure that everything will run smoothly on your bid day, with Haley Jane co-ordinating from behind the scenes.

Haley Jane events can handle weddings and receptions for up to 500 guests, making sure that you have everything you need on your big day and keeping everything on track, ensuring the success of your reception and ceremony.

Colour Wedding and Events

This new Birmingham based company has made an impact on the local wedding concierge services scene. Coming to the party with tailored service that is personalised to your wedding day, ensuring that you receive a unique and fantastic wedding day concierge service that you will remember forever.

At Colour wedding and events, they aim to take the stress out of the big day by making sure that everything is planned in advance. The few client testimonials that they have, show them to be a professional service that brings colour and life to your wedding day while keeping tight reigns on the day’s events.

Colour Wedding and Events will be on hand to tackle any problems that may arise, making it a hassle free experience for you while catering to your available budget. With this dedicated team of experts, the perfect wedding is possible!


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C & D Glamorous Weddings

C & D are dedicated to making your special day the very best wedding experience possible. This Birmingham based company offers a full concierge service that really delivers on expectations. They specialise in British and Indian themed weddings and have a team of planner that can make absolutely anything happen with their endless creativity. They really understand your vision for the ceremony and reception and go to work to deliver you your dream wedding day.

Kushi Weddings

This friendly and professional wedding concierge service offer services that are geared toward weddings and they provide a pleasing experience that is client-orientated and unique. They realise that the wedding day can put enormous pressure on the bride and work with her to make sure that everything is on track leading up to the big day


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