5 Wedding concierge services to use for your wedding

When it comes time to planning your wedding, you may find yourself worked up into a tizzy, not knowing which way to turn as you put together the pieces that will make for your ceremony and reception.

Every wedding deserves to be special and yours should not be any different. If you are in need of a few tips and tricks to make your wedding unique, then we have a treat for you! We’ve put together a list of 5 Wedding concierge services to use for your wedding. These services will help you out on your wedding day and do a lot to make your wedding unique.

The final freedom party


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Your bachelor or bachelorette party is your last gasp of single freedom before settling down to married life. Make sure you have a great evening by using your concierge service to handle your evening out. Concierges are the people to speak to about anything that’s going on in the town or city.

They keep their finger on the pulse of the nightlife and will know all the right venues to recommend according to your tastes. They should also be able to arrange the entire evenings festivities as well, leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy your last evening as a single.


Go Social


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In today’s society, we are more interconnected than ever through the internet. Social media has taken the world by storm and it isn’t going anywhere. If you look around you at any event, day out, people are engrossed in their mobile devices on a daily basis, some people even use them in traffic!

So it stands to good reason that your wedding needs a social media presence, why not? It’s a great way to keep you entire network on top of the day’s events, chances are not all your guests are going to be able to make the wedding, so give them a social, tweet by tweet through Twitter and make sure you take great pics for your instagram profile.

By hiring someone with experience on these platforms, you can literally have thousands of eyeballs watching the two of you tie the know and take that first dance as an officially married couple.

It’s a great service that can help you create your own hashtags and manage their interaction, as well as provide the guests with another photographer, giving the professional photographer more space and time to take the professional photos.


Wedding planning


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Every concierge worth their salt has a wedding planner on speed dial. Why go through all the hassle of setting everything up yourself? A professional planner takes the stress out of the day and ensures that the proceedings run smoothly and that everything is attended to in a timely, co-ordinated manner.


Groomsmen and bridesmaids for hire


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If you find yourself in an exotic location and feel the urge to elope and tie the knot, then a good concierge service should offer groomsmen and bridesmaids for hire that will be there for you at your ceremony and your reception. Need someone to write your vows, arrange a ring, walk you down the aisle, even give the bride away.


Writers for hire

Some people just don’t have what it takes when it comes to expressing themselves and articulating it through a wedding speech, or their vows. Don’t stress! There are writers that will do all of that for you. Before you begin to think that that might not be very personal and sort of against what a wedding vow or speech is about, most writers will take the time to sit with you and find out why and how you met each other.

This makes the speech personal, endearing and inspiring and with professional writing, you are bound to see a few tears in the audience!


Get a wedding dog


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Now this is a real eye-catcher and will melt every heart in the room. You are now able to rent a puppy as your ring bearer! Isn’t that incredible? Think of the crowd as your trained puppy waddles down the aisle with your ring atop a soft red pillow that he is holding in his mouth. There won’t be a dry eye in the room, that’s for sure.

If you want to use your own puppy, then they will be able to offer training to teach it what it needs to do on the day.


Don’t those all sound like great ideas? So keep them in mind when it comes to planning your wedding and making the day every bit as special as you dreamed it would be!

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