6 of the best wedding caterers in Liverpool

Getting married in Liverpool? Have you and your wedding planner looked at your catering options yet? Your wedding cuisine and catering can mean the difference between your reception being a success, or your guests leaving early to go home to get something to eat or visit another restaurant  to satisfy their hunger.

We like to think that the catering is critical, let Earcandy help you out with some legwork in finding the right vendor with our guide to 6 of the best wedding caterers in Liverpool.


Relish Bistro and Outside Catering

This family owned Bistro and external catering service specialise in creating a wedding catering experience that suits the demands of their clients and a wide variety of tastes and palettes. Offering impeccable levels of service and plenty of choice, relish is a top-quality choice that will make for a grand choice for your wedding catering.

Relish offers highly skilled chefs and service professionals that create the perfect menu for the perfect day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner menus that can be custom tailored to your needs.

Tasty BBQ menus are their specialty with hog-roasts and mouth watering canapes, great hot and cold buffets that offer an exquisite dining experience for you and all your guests at your reception.


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Wirral Gourmet

This catering service has a reputation that defines the way wedding catering should be conducted. Their internationally renowned head chef, Rob Lawson loves the challenge that a large wedding reception brings and aims to provide the reception menu of a lifetime for the event of a lifetime that will leave you and your guests awash in a taste experience that you will never forget.

The friendly and experienced catering team provided by Wirral Gourmet will make sure your guest are treated with the greatest of attention and care. They supply the full set up of crockery, table linens and settings as well as and marquee requirements you may have in the case of an outdoor reception.

Their passion is only matched by their fine cuisine. Wirral offers dishes made with locally sourced produce and personalised service that cannot be matched.


Virtuosity Catering

Virtuosity offers a delectable menu matched with personalised service that makes for a unique wedding catering experience that will delight the senses of you and your guests. With years of industry experience and many successful testimonials from past clients that loved their work, Virtuosity have the ability to make your wedding menu the finest that you could wish for.

Virtuosity offer a range of different packages to suit any size wedding reception with any choice of taste. They offer custom planning and bespoke menus as well, making them an ideal choice for the preferred vendor for your wedding.

Virtuosity offer their wedding catering services throughout the North West, primarily focusing on Liverpool. Some of the venues they can arrange service for include; St. Georges Hall, Liverpool town hall, Bar 25 and the Florrie. Speak to them about serving your receptions location.


Cultural Catering Company

If you are looking for a wedding reception with a Caribbean twist, then the cultural catering company is going to be the service provider for you. Offering bespoke menus focusing on Caribbean and African cuisine, they offer a unique wedding experience with a tropical and cultural feel that extends from the menu into the settings and theme of the reception.

Speak to the team at cultural catering to make your wedding reception an experience of flavours that you will never forget. Operating for over 20 years, with a solid track record backed by hundreds of client reviews, Cultural catering will make sure your reception is world class, island-style!


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GWF Catering

Offering a full range of wedding day menus, from breakfasts, lunches and evening meals, to buffets and spit roasts, GWF catering will make sure that your wedding reception is expertly handled and your guests are taken care of by their professional service team.

Their uniqueness comes in their creativity in creating you the menu that is truly personalised with plenty of attention to detail, it’s a must to meet with them beforehand so they can figure out the exact solution for your reception that will leave you and your guests wowed.


Carrington’s Catering

Offering a bespoke wedding reception experience that will make your wedding reception a grand success is Carrington’s catering. Carrington’s offer a personalised menu for breakfasts, luncheons and dinners, with buffets available as well.

Master Chef of Great Britain, Darren will turn it into a wedding reception to remember. Don’t leave it to chance, leave it to Carrington’s.

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