6 Things You Shouldn’t Forget if Planning a New Year’s Wedding

We’re nearly there. The countdown has almost begun. The start of a new year is always an exciting time, but that excitement is multiplied to the power of ten if you happen to be getting married. At this point, the nerves will be creeping in and the stress ramping up. What you need is a checklist. And we just happen to have one ready for you… Although it might be more useful if you’re planning ahead for next year!

6 Musts for a NYE Wedding

1. A Countdown.

You might not be clockwatching at your big wedding bash, but if you’re getting married on NYE, your guests will expect midnight to be marked. And why not? You’ve got both the means and the opportunity. So, check with the venue – right now, this minute – if they can give you the nod and set the countdown in motion. If you have a live wedding band, then get them involved too. Give your guests the double the reason to celebrate.

2. A Late Bar.

Think of a wedding and you think of partying til the early hours. In reality, most receptions are over before midnight and by the time the clock strikes your guests are tucked up in their beds. If you’re organising a New Year’s Eve wedding, you’re kind of beholden to keep the celebrations going. But you can only do that with the help of the venue, so organise a late bar.

3. Fireworks.

This is another obvious one, but NYE and fireworks are like bangers and mash, strawberries and cream, Mr and Mrs. They can work independently, but they’re better together. If you can’t afford a full fireworks display, can’t get permission, or it’s too late to organise one, buy a box of sparklers. Everyone loves sparklers. They’re easy. They’re cheap. And yet they still bring a spark of magic.

4. A Live Wedding Band.

It’s your wedding, so do it your way. BUT, if you’re looking for a way to make your reception really memorable, a live band can help. If you’re working to a theme – Motown, fairy-tale, vintage – then music can really make it come to life. The band can also play in the New Year and create the party atmosphere that NYE demands.

5. Be Resolute.

What’s the one thing that everyone knows about NYE? It’s the time of resolutions, so why not incorporate that into your celebrations? You could use it personally, in your vows and speeches, but it may be more fin to involve your guests. And if, for instance, you created a resolutions board or book for your guests to add to, you’ll have another incredibly special memento of the day.

6. Don’t Forget the Children.

One of the major stumbling blocks you’ll have with getting guests to come to a NYE wedding is that childcare is prohibitively expensive. If you make it clear that kids are welcome – and organise entertainment for them – or book a couple of professional babysitters and a room at the venue for littlies to sleep, you’ll keep you guests happy and your dancefloor full.

New Years Eve is a super special time to get married. It’s so full of promise and expectation. People bring their own glow of happiness independent of your celebrations, which creates an unparalleled atmosphere. But it does also bring a couple of extra organisational requirements. Get those sorted, and you’ll have a wedding reception to remember.

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