7 of the best wedding entertainment ideas

So the big day is on its way! Congratulations to both of you on your new life together. We are not quite there yet though, there is still a lot of planning and preparation before the events of the big day sweep you both away. When it comes to the wedding and the reception in particular, things can take a ‘cookie cutter’ approach, meaning that the events of the day are just like any other wedding you have been to and while it may be fine for you, we have put together this article to give you 7 of the best wedding entertainment ideas to make your wedding stand out from all others and give it a unique feel and experience that will give your guests something different to talk about and remember for years to come.

Photo Collage Wall

Wall collage

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The first place to start is with is by letting your guests know that they are an important part of your life. Go through your photo galleries and pick out the best pictures from it that feature your guests. Make sure the photos are entertaining and have a fun vibe to them. Then create a collage on a wall that features all the pictures. Your guests will have a great time reminiscing over the pictures and will strike up conversation with one another over it. You will find that this is a great way to get your guests socialising with each other as they ask how they made your acquaintance and perhaps, create new friendships during the reception and ceremony that will last long after the music has gone and you have left for your honeymoon.

Engagement and Games

wedding games

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Get creative with the small stuff. This is a fantastic way to keep your guests engaged in the moment. Some great ideas are to make your reception menu or wine list a puzzle, this gets everyone chatting and even if a few guests get frustrated and don’t want to complete the puzzle, they will ask the others around them to show them the menu, thus getting the conversation flowing. Another creative idea is to make a crossword puzzle on the back of the wedding programme, this is great if you have your guests travelling to a venue for the reception from the ceremony.

Live entertainment


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The entertainment is crucial to your successful reception, so make sure you hire a live band that can get things going and entertain a crowd, make sure you do your research before hiring anyone. Bands that are good will be reviewed online and have a solid track record that you can follow up on. A Motown band, or sixties rock band are great choices that cater to a wide variety of musical tastes and most bands will be able to bring their own equipment and staff, just remember to take care of them properly. For the bands set breaks, hire a DJ that can play the original songwriters and keep everyone entertained throughout the reception.


Emotional Gifts


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At most weddings, the guests usually receive some sort of gift as a thank you for coming to the day’s events. Instead of the usual chocolates and gift baskets, try out something different, like a book of love poems or a CD of love songs. This is something that will stand the test of time, as opposed to the chocolate that will be gone the following day.


Dessert Buffet


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Speaking of chocolate, the dessert portion of the meal is often just a choice of wedding cake and maybe ice-cream if they are lucky. Offer your guests a dessert buffet instead. Not only will this give every one of the guests more choice, but they look beautiful laid out on the table. Take the same idea into your beverages and hire a mixologist that can blend unique cocktails, this will get all your guests chatting and curious to what each other are drinking and eating, bringing out everyone’s inner child in the process.


Live performers


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Entertainment is always a must and always good fun, but ramp it up by hiring some unique entertainment that you wouldn’t find at a normal wedding. Belly dancers, tarot card readers and balloon animals for the kids are great ideas, to make it more personal, use something to create a theme of how your first met, for example, if you met in a comedy club, hire a comedian for a quick set, everyone loves to laugh.

Bar time


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Another great feature to add to the pre-reception, while the bride and groom have their photos taken by the photographer, is to have a wine tasting or a craft beer selection for the guests to try while they wait for the festivities to begin. It is also a great conversation starter that will have everyone buzzing before the real entertainment even gets going!


So there you have 7 of the best wedding entertainment ideas to make your special day that little bit extra-ordinary and separate you from the traditional ‘cookie cutter’ programs that bore the life out of everyone. Good luck in your new life together!


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