7 date night tips for after the wedding

Dating is how you got to know each other in the first place, so it makes sense to carry on the practice when you are married, right? After the big day is done and the honeymoon is over it’s back to reality, back to work, back to your lives. Sometimes couples get to lost in the fact that you are now married and tend not to venture out as much as you used too as you settle down with one another. Keeping the relationship alive and spontaneous with a date night is a way to bring some fun back into things and get things social.

While no one wants to have to ‘pencil in’ a date night with their partner, but if you commit to the practice, you might start to see it as a way for you both to appreciate each other even more. Be proactive in your relationship and make things happen for yourselves, and here’s 10 of our top Date night tips to help you enjoy the experience that little bit more.



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Take a Road trip

Let the open road take you both where it may. Either just throw you cares to the wind and wing it across the country, or plan a route and do it right, do whatever feels right gets you up and out of the house. Stay at a hotel or motel overnight somewhere you would never normally go and keep it mysterious and exciting.

If you do go all out, take a weekend together and plan a trip to somewhere nearby that you have always wanted to go to, but never taken the time to actually do it.


A simple Picnic

A picnic is a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The best part about a picnic is that you can have one absolutely anywhere you like! The local park, a botanical garden or a river are great ideas and the perfect way to get to know each other in an open, outdoor environment with mother Nature looking over you.


A Beautiful bike ride

The outdoors really is amazing and taking a lazy bike ride through some tree-laden lanes in the autumn is a beautiful way to experience nature and each other. Rent or buy yourself a set of cruisers, or a double bike that seats you both and ride away with each other on the weekends. It’s not just a way to spend time with each other, it’s a way to get some exercise with each other too!


Take a cooking or dance class

Taking a cooking or dance class with each other is as much fun as it sounds, Have a blast making some wonderful cuisine with each other, or whisk each other away on the dance floor as you learn the salsa. This are both great ways to get out and get social with other people as well and you may even make some new friends.



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Go for a quiet coffee

It’s not just for girlfriends anymore. Going out for a quiet coffee at a country coffeehouse is a lovely experience where you can enjoy conversation without the noise of a busy bar in the background. Enjoy an espresso or latte with your loved one as you talk about what the future holds for both of you.


Get the adrenaline going

While a quiet coffee has its place, there are those times when you need some excitement and stimulation in your lives. Try something extreme like bungee jumping or scuba diving, you could even just visit a theme park and ride the roller coasters, it’s amazing to watch the human response to a little adrenaline and you both should have a great time.


Relax by the water

Chilling by the indoor pool, or relaxing by the lake on a hot summers day is a good way for you both to wind down the pressures of work, your relationship and your lives. Sprawl out on a sunbed and sip a drink, or take a slow swim with each other as the sun goes down,



The final thought

With our busy lives, it’s easy for our relationships to fall into a rut and before you know it, good morning and goodnight are the only words you are saying to each other. Keep things exciting and be proactive about your new life together, get out and about and enjoy yourselves!

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