7 entertainment ideas for your winter wedding

The summertime seems to hold the monopoly on wedding dates for the year, however, tying the knot in the wintertime can provide a wedding experience that is intimate and cozy and every bit as enjoyable as a summertime wedding.

Earcandy brings you 7 entertainment ideas for your winter wedding that are sure to make it an event that will be both the best day of your new life together and remain in the hearts and minds of your family and friends forever.


The theme

While pinecones and snowflakes are common motifs for wintertime weddings, let’s move away from what’s traditional and perhaps a little boring and move into the realm of the adventurous by using crystals accentuated by the light, crisp colours of silver and the wonderful textures of satin. These colours work well with low-light conditions to provide the room with a warm, clean feel that encourages conversation.




The Flora

Traditionally we would find red roses and calla lilies as the most popular forms of flowers at a venue. Change things up while remaining elegant with the use of white orchids and hydrangeas. Use plenty of silver ribbon to wrap up the stems and keep with the colour theme. Make sure that all the groomsmen have silver and white corsages and the bridesmaids have similar bouquets.


The invitations

With the winter season calling for closed indoor venues, it’s important to make sure that the invitations are a bit more formal that a summer wedding would be. For an excellent way to make a unique wedding invitation, use a piece of clear Plexiglass with the details of the wedding etched into it, or written on with white font. Drop them into silver envelopes and seal them with silver satin ribbon.


The centrepieces

Keep to the winter theme at your tables as well. Instead of going against the season, go with it and have ice sculptures made as table pieces and then accentuate them with low-light candles for an atmosphere that truly feels like a winter wedding. They make for excellent conversation starters as well, just make sure that they are drained properly.


The DJ

The entertainment and the music are the most critical parts of your wedding entertainment. Make sure to hire both a live band and a DJ. The DJ can pick up the slack in the band’s performance between sets or as they re-arrange during the show. A good DJ will also be able to play anything that you request, just make sure that you give them time to prepare by sending your request list well in advance of the day.




 The band

A wedding band is a must have. They know how to draw in the crowd and create an atmosphere. Winter tends to be a time of year that inspires clarity and peacefulness. Hire a good Jazz band that can start the function slowly and then build into dancefloor wrecking tracks later in the day. Another option is to hire a harpist for the ceremony as the guests ae filling the venue, this makes for an uplifting and sophisticated atmosphere that remains eloquent and intimate.


The cocktails

Keep to the winter theme by offering cocktails that are themed to the season. For the non-alcoholic choices, go with rich eggnog and warm, white hot-chocolate drinks are a fantastic way to keep your guest’s toasty. For those that lean toward alcohol infused cocktails, look for white Russians and martinis to keep the theme clear and clean. Offer blankets for your guests and if you really want to go the extra mile, have their initials embroidered on them.


The final thought

Getting married in the summer isn’t a necessity, with these few simple ideas for your winter wedding will make the experience that more seasonally adjusted for you and provide you and your guests with an amazing winter wedding that will be remembered forever. Good luck in your new life together!


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