7 Steps to the perfect British Summer Wedding

When it comes to tying the knot, it comes as no surprise that everyone in the UK prefers a summer wedding. The summertime has long evenings, warm days and everything is in bloom, the scents of the flowers waft through the air and intoxicate everyone at the wedding reception with love.

While we know that planning a wedding can be a hair raising, anxiety filled process, here’s seven steps to the perfect British Summer Wedding that we hope will add some value to your special day, so if you are a summer bride, keep reading and good luck to you on your new found life with your partner!


Start Early


Make sure to send your invites out as early as you can! Simple rule, while selecting the paper quality, style and wording for your invitation is critical, it is also important for you to get them out to your guests as soon as possible to give them enough lead time to plan accordingly, this way you will have more people rsvp and show up for the day.

Watch the weather


Make sure that you have prepared to take into account any weather situation. This is really important, having cover for your guests in case of summer showers, or at worst, heavy downpours will make sure everyone stays dry and happy, there’s nothing that spoils a day more than having the brides dress dragged through muddy pools.

Book that accommodation


Make sure to secure your hotel accommodation in advance for any guests that are going to be staying over. You don’t want guests getting caught by the police for a DUI all because you couldn’t get your booking, so make sure that you have everything reserved so no-one is left stranded.

Don’t let it melt…..


Stay away from a creamy wedding cake, especially an ice cream cake, as the warm weather will make for a messy situation for your guests, so make sure to have a chat with the cake designer and ask them what the best one for this time of year will be.

Stay Cool…

The Ice Hotel

The air-con. Absolutely critical in the chapel you are being married in and at the reception. Summer days can be roasting and the nights just the same, so make sure that the venue has cooling to keep everyone fresh. Sitting through uncomfortable heat in the ceremony is no fun for anyone and we wouldn’t want to see the bride’s beautiful makeup running!

Stay protected

Sunscreen is something that the majority of your guest will end up forgetting and for those that didn’t have the foresight to bring any, or at least a hat, it will be welcome relief for them and prevent people from leaving the reception early due to a sunburn, keep some on hand with the hotel staff and get them to periodically ask the guests if they would like some over the course of the afternoon.

With the warm summer air, remember that feet in tiny shoes, especially wedding shoes, tend to swell. So make sure that you have some plasters on hand to line your Achilles and your toes to prevent scuffing and blisters, nothing could ruin a first dance at the reception more than a big fat blister ready to pop. Make sure you have adequate water available on the tables as the heat in the summer can be quite intense and dehydration is a concern, we don’t want anyone fainting from it.

That’s our quick list for you, we hope you got some good value out of the tips. Now all that’s left to do is plan and prepare for your big day! The final bonus tip we have for you is; hire a wedding planner. They may seem expensive at first glance, but the time and effort they save you on the day is well worth it if you can squeeze it into your budget. Many wedding planners have deep connections in the industry from years of experience and if you scout around the internet for a wedding planner with good reputation, they usually can save you a fortune on your wedding budget due to the discounts they get with their network of partners.

So there you have it, all the best to the both of you and we hope you have a happy life together!


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