7 Valentine’s day wedding ideas

Having you wedding on Valentine’s day just sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? It’s a day of celebrating love for our partners and possibly the ultimate day of the year to join you both in marriage.

Valentine’s day dates back to its creation at the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. This festival celebrated fertility and was commemorated by the people annually on February 15. It wasn’t until Pope Gelasius I recast this pagan festival as a Christian observance day circa 496 when he declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day.

If you think that a wedding on St. Valentine’s day would be your perfect idea of matrimony, then we have seven tips for you.


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Love is in the air

You both have a love story to share. How you met, fell in love and decided to join yourselves together forever has its tale to tell. Use this in your wedding theme and show your guests your story through images and quotes.

Making a picture board, or splashing out those pictures that meant the most to you during your courtship is a great idea. Plaster them around the reception area, or make a wall with all of the images, your guests can look at it and chat amongst themselves as they wait for the reception or ceremony to begin.

The colours of love

We all know Valentine’s day to be associated with the colour red and its variants such as burgundy or pink. Use these colours as the theme of your wedding, or choose to add them as secondary colours alongside a black or white theme. These colours work well together and bring a special theme to your wedding that would not suit any other time of the year.

Keep it cozy

February is still a mighty chilly month, with winter in full swing. Take this into account when planning your reception and ceremony. No-one wants to be ‘left out in the cold’ so-to-speak. Make sure that you have a fire pit in your reception area or some other means of warming the air.

Accompany this with red blankets that the guests can throw over their legs if they get cold while watching the ceremony, or enjoying the festivities of the reception. A lounge area provides a warm, comfy and cozy feel that is perfect for a Valentine’s wedding day.

Set the mood and watch it flower

Your lighting and flowers will also play a huge role in settling your Valentine’s day theme. The lower and more intimate the lighting, the better. Generous use of candles that are fixed to heart-shaped holders is a lovely way to keep the room lit while providing an intimate, cozy feel to everything in the room.

Flowers should also be set in the colours of reds, pinks and white to reflect the day and the theme to perfection. Make sure that your florist understands the importance of the day and get them to make up some arrangements that speak to both Valentine’s day and a wedding theme.


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Valentines snacks

What wedding would be complete without food and drink? This is another area where you can introduce your theme and have your guests take part in the experience. Signature cocktails such as cosmos with sprinkles of gold flecks are a nice touch, while dark coloured raspberries, cherries and strawberries make for appealing garnishes that show off the theme. As an extra, you can spread out heart shaped chocolates, wrapped in red foil, amongst the tables.

The entertainment

Your first dance as an officially married couple will no doubt be to your favourite love song. However, the love songs aren’t just for you, to keep the theme running throughout the evening at the reception, ask your guests to mention their favourite love songs on their RSVP.

Give this track list to the band or DJ that will be playing the reception and have them add them into the evening’s music, it’s a great way to interact with your friends and family and let them realise the love they have for one another as well.


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A sweet finish

Valentine’s day is all about indulgence in yourselves and your passions. Nowhere is this more prevalent than with the dessert cart at your wedding reception. Serve individual desserts such as gluten-free dark chocolate cakes that are smothered with rich berry sauce.

For your wedding cake, use the traditional heart-shaped style, or another such as a circle or square shape that has a heart impression embossed into it. Red-velvet is also a class choice for a wedding cake that tastes great and suits the theme.

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