8 Top Tips For Hosting An Easter Party For Family

Easter is the perfect time to get together with friends and family and throw a party. Make it a celebration to remember with our 8 tips for hosting an Easter party for the family!


#1 Easter Egg Hunt

You can’t have an Easter party without an egg hunt! Create little maps to help guide the kids to the eggs and put little bunny footprints near to where the eggs are hidden, so they know they are in the right place. You can cut paper shapes or sprinkle icing sugar on the floor and make prints with your fingers. To ensure all the children have a fair chance of finding eggs, colour code them. You can have different colours for boys and girls and different colours for older children and younger children.   

#2 Decorate with Bright Colors

Easter colours are typically pastels, such as pale pink, baby blue and light yellow. You can make your party decorations a little more punchy by using bright spring colours. Use one bright spring colour, like hot pink or bright yellow mixed with black and white or navy. These make for an energized, non-traditional colour palette.

#3 Keep the kids entertained

The egg hunt will be the main event for the Easter Party but it’s a good idea to plan a couple of other activities to keep little hands entertained. Make a play area for the children with a table and chairs and use a craft paper roll as an inexpensive tablecloth that they can decorate. Fill baskets or buckets with crayons or washable markers and let them discover their inner artist! You could also play a few games such as an Egg Toss or an Egg & Spoon race.

#4 Jacobs Join

Don’t feel that you need to buy and prep all the food yourself. Friends and family love to help out with food for events so instead of trying to prepare the entire meal, ask for help. You could provide the main course and drinks and guests can then bring salads, side dishes and desserts. This will take the stress and cost of preparing a large meal off you and guests will get to enjoy family member’s special dishes.

#5 Don’t Forget Child-Friendly Snacks

Some children can be picky eaters, so make sure you have a few snacks that even the pickiest kids will not be able to resist. Finger foods that you can put out in dishes for them to help themselves to are ideal. Chopped up fruits and vegetables such as peppers, carrot and cucumber, as well as breadsticks and crackers. Hot food such as chicken nuggets, pizza and potato wedges are also good choices.

#6 Set Egg Hunt Rules

Before the hunt begins, gather the children around and set out the egg hunt rules. Show them the boundaries of the hunt to stop them wandering into trouble, and if the ages of the children vary you may want to encourage the older children to help and keep an eye on the little ones.

#7 Create an Easter Playlist

Create a playlist of uplifting songs that you can have playing in the background. You don’t need to play traditional religious songs, you can choose a combination of classic and more contemporary songs to suit all age groups.

#8 Fun For All the Family

It’s not often the whole family gets together, so have some family-friendly games ready that everyone, young and old, can play. Here is a couple to get you started!

Pass the egg – Get the players stand in a circle. Start by putting a hard boiled egg under the first player’s chin. They need to pass the egg without using hands and without dropping it on the floor to the next player.

Egg walk – Place two (or more) eggs on the plate and let the players walk from start to finish without dropping the egg.

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