How to Avoid Ruining a Wedding

Have you been invited to a wedding? Don’t be the person that breaks etiquette and cause a hassle. We put together this brief guide of mistakes to avoid ruining a wedding you have been invited to. Learn from other people’s mistakes rather than make them yourself!


Don’t Bring Uninvited Guests.

If your invitation didn’t add a partner for you, then don’t go and bring someone along anyway, it’s disrespectful. The bride and groom may have been working with a tight budget and they still managed to include you in it, so respect their intentions and invitation and don’t bring anyone that isn’t invited, that’s a sure way of going about ruining a wedding.

If you are afraid of being all alone by yourself, ask the bride to seat you at a table of singles, or people that she fell you may get along with. She knows you best and she will know who to seat you next to.


Don’t be a Mobile Phone Zombie

No one wants to be that guy or girl that always has their face in their phone. There’s nothing more insulting that burying your face in your phone every chance you get.

The reception is about engaging with everyone that’s there and forming new relationships by bonding in the theme of the day.

Sure, snap a few for Instagram at the big moments of the day, but don’t just stop communicating with everyone, otherwise; why did they bother to invite you?

Oh, and whatever you do, don’t text or take calls during the ceremony, that’s an instant blacklisting offense and could be responsible for ruining a wedding.



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Don’t Wear White

White is for the bride and the bride alone. If you want to avoid fashion suicide that will have everyone staring at you in disbelief, then pack that white sundress away, you won’t be needing it.

You can still look beautiful and elegant in any other color your desire. Well, one that’s reasonable anyway. Choose your colours from a range of pastels or creams and keep the white locked away for another event.


Don’t Give a Roasting for your Speech or Toast

Stuff that happened before the reception, stays in the past. Don’t embarrass the groom or bride on their big day. While everyone loves a good joke, now is not the time to take a cheap shot at them, no matter what the movies may have told you.

Instead, say something warm and heartfelt that adds value to the reception experience, rather than ruining it.


Don’t Drink Too Much

There’s nothing worse than someone that over does it at the reception. Just because the bar bill may be taken care of, doesn’t give you a license to throw away your name. ruining a wedding is as simple as have one to many.

The bachelor party was the time to take things to excess if you absolutely have to, but don’t do it on the bride’s big day that has taken her months of planning and preparation.

Take your time and enjoy the day. Everyone likes to have a drink to celebrate but getting totally inebriated to a point where you become and embarrassment doesn’t need to happen. Control your urges and your drinking.



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Don’t make Requests to the DJ

At your wedding, you can choose any music you want but on another bride’s big day, leave the DJ alone. DJ sets are meticulously planned and well thought out. They can’t just simply drop in your favorite track when you request it.

Have some respect for the professional and let them do their thing. Keep your musical tastes and favorite songs to yourself for the day.


The Final Thought

Being a guest at someone else’s wedding is a special invitation to join them on the big day of their union. Remember to show the proper respects to the bride and groom and their parents with the correct etiquette.

Follow these tips and some basic common sense and you should have a great time with everyone, without ruining a wedding.

Bonus tip: If you really want to impress, bring a gift.


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