Being beautiful for your big day

While you may have booked your appointment with your hair and makeup stylists for your big day preparations, there are a few things you can do in the months before the big day to make sure you are looking your best, radiant and natural on your wedding day.

Looking your best on the big day starts in the months before, here are some great tips to ramp up your beauty routine and get yourself ready in the weeks to come.



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Your face

The first tip for a beautiful face; stay hydrated. Your skin is your bodies largest organ, so toss out the sundowners for a few weeks and make sure that you get your daily allowance of water. Hydrating your skin doesn’t just come from using creams and masks, water is indispensable to your bodily functions and drinking your daily allowance will keep your skin clear and radiant.

At about 3 months from the big day, change your evening and morning moisturising routines to include a richer moisturiser and don’t forget the sunblock! You should book an appointment at your local spa for a mask to remove any blackheads, however, make sure you do not do this for the last month before the day, as you may bring skin blemishes to the surface.

If you really are having trouble with skin issues like acne, then go and see the dermatologists and see what they can do to put you on a program that reduces it before the wedding.


Happy hair

Your hair is one of the key focal points for the wedding day. Make sure you get enough vitamin B in your diet running up to the wedding. Vitamin B strengthens the hair and gives it added shine, so it makes good sense to include vitamin B sources in your diet, or take a supplement that is rich with it.

Adding in essential fatty acids to your diet, such as EPS & DHA that’s found in fish oil, will improve the shine in your hair and increase it strength and using a good shampoo in combination with a scalp massage will add volume and body to your hair.


Lost in your eyes

The ‘windows to the soul’ need to be looking sharp for those wedding photos, so ensure that you get regular sleep and do not handle to much stress in the last few months up to the day. Stress is a real killer and can lead to puffiness and rings under the eyes. Not only your eyes suffer, your entire body has a negative reaction to the cortisol hormone released when we are under stress.

Avoid all stressful situations where ever you can and avoid foods that are high in sugar. Using a night cream that is fortified with Q10, will prevent any dark circles and bags under the eyes.



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Luscious Lips

Give your lips an exfoliating scrub once every week or two, this keeps your lips free from cracks and looking plump and luscious. When it comes time to kiss the bride, you will have the confidence that your lips will be the softest kiss ever. Something that we all have been doing for ages; using a lip balm fortified with vitamin E (that’s great for the skin) When your celebrant announces ‘You may kiss your bride,’ you don’t want your partner to find cracked lips instead of a soft sensual kiss.


Protect your neck

The skin on your neck is a lot more sensitive than your face and we tend to neglect it as we focus on our face with our moisturising routine. Make sure that you are exfoliating your skin and using a sunscreen to keep the harmful UV at bay.


Befriend your feet

Dry cracked heels do not belong at your wedding day! Have your Maid of Honour book a day at the spa where you can get a pedicure and your feet worked over. A good spa consultant will exfoliate your feet, give them a fantastic massage and moisturise them while removing the dead skin. This is a must to keep your feet soft and supple.



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The final word

Taking care of your body is a daily routine for any woman, however; when it comes to your wedding day, it’s time to step things up a bit to look your best for the photos and your family and friends. Take these tips and add them into your routine over the coming weeks and you can expect to be perfectly prepared when the big day rolls round!



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