Behind the Scenes with a Live Wedding Band

So, it’s your ‘Big Day’. The ceremony was idyllic. The food incredible. And now your guests are shaking their stuff to an amazing live wedding band. It’s everything you’d hoped for and more. The band’s performance is seamless – you made a really good choice. But have you ever thought about what goes in to delivering that performance?

The Making of a Live Wedding Band

Live wedding bands come in all different shapes and sizes. From acoustic duos to Motown extravaganzas with full brass accompaniment. Some are independent. Others come with the support of an agency, like Earcandy, so in the event of ill health or emergency there’s backup to make sure that your special occasion isn’t ruined by someone else’s dramas. Either way, a lot of work goes into making a wedding performance everything that it should be.

This is what goes into Earcandy.

The Making of an Earcandy Live Wedding Band

Because we are a small company, at Earcandy we’re able to oversee every detail of every band and every performance. We want every single wedding we perform at to be memorable for all the right reasons. To make sure that happens, a huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes.

Hand-picked Performers

No one works with Earcandy just to make up the numbers. Every one of our artists has been selected based on merit. Many have performed with major international artists, from Annie Lennox to Stevie Wonder. And they do what they do because they love it.

First Rate Equipment

When you’re working with professional musicians, there’s no point cutting corners with second rate gear. We have invested in top-of-the range PA, light and sound systems, so you never get anything but the best. Our PA, lighting and DJ equipment is also available for independent hire.

Professional Sound Engineers

Motown Frontline - The Easy Motown Tribute Band

We don’t just send our acts out to perform alone and hope for the best. Every single Earcandy act is accompanied by a professional sound engineer. This means that all equipment can be prepared especially for each job. So, if you’ve selected a venue with tricky acoustics, have an outdoor stage, or an extremely large – or small – venue, you can still be sure that our performers will hit all the right notes.

Substitutes at the Ready

Although Earcandy acts perform in designated bands, our groups are made up of a selection of hand-picked performers. This means that for every singer and musician, we have a substitute ready to step into the breach, should the unexpected happen. So, if Elaine comes down with tonsillitis the day before a performance, Paula can step in. And because all of our performers work on rotation, you’re never getting second-best.

Dedicated Support

We know the difference that live music can make to a wedding. Because we’re a small team, Earcandy is able to offer a personalised service for every booking. All staff members are informed of every client’s requirements. This means that our performers have all the help and support they need to be able to deliver their best every time.

Every event is special. Whether a wedding, anniversary, birthday, christening or reunion, no one arranges an event expecting it to be only average. That’s why Earcandy doesn’t do ‘OK’. Instead, we do ‘outstanding’, ‘incredible’ and ‘awesome’. If you’d like some of that at your big day, then please just give us a call: 0800 230 0889.

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