Brides Guide to the Harp

When deciding on the music for your special day the harp is something you’ll probably consider. The beautiful sound creates a special atmosphere and as well as sounding sensational, the harp is truly a spectacle to behold, one of the most beautiful instruments you’ll see. When paired with a harpist in an elegant outfit this can really add to the grandeur of your big day. Here are the many ways the beautiful sound of the Harp can be used in your wedding.


During the Ceremony

Traditionally the bride walks down the aisle to the sound of the church organ or to a pre-recorded song that is close to the bride and grooms heart. The harp is a wonderful and unusual alternative; the sound of the harp creates an ethereal atmosphere that will make you’re walking down the aisle memorable for you and your guests for all the right reasons. A harpist will have a catalogue of songs they are able to play for you, from traditional harp music to more recognisable and current songs. One utterly beautiful song a harpist could play while you walk down the aisle is Eva Cassidy’s, Songbird. Played alone or with a vocalist, there won’t be a dry eye in the church. After the vows have been exchanged and it’s time to leave the church a more uptempo song can be chosen. Christina Perri’s, A Thousand Years or How Long Will I Love by Elle Goulding are great choices.


Drinks Reception & Photographs

Having a harpist at the reception while people are standing around chatting is ideal. The music of the harp will create a lovely relaxed atmosphere at a time that can if we are honest, be quite boring. The visually stunning harp will also work as an icebreaker and conversation starter for your guests, which is very useful and will stop your guests from wandering off and ensure everyone is present for the group photographs. All You Need is Love by The Beatles and Marry You by Bruno Mars, are great upbeat songs that can be played by your Harpist during the reception.

Earcandy harp

Wedding Breakfast

The music of the harp is perfect background music for the wedding meal and breakfast. It is delicate and unobtrusive, won’t hinder the conversation that will be flowing around the tables and as we have already mention creates a wonderful atmosphere in the room. The harp can be played all the way through the meal and reception until the all-important speeches commence.


Make the Harp Part of Your Big Day

Whether performed alone or in collaboration with a vocalist, the music of the harp is simply stunning and will add a touch of grandeur to your special day. Earcandy’s experienced harpist can play a whole plethora of both classical tunes and arrangements of modern songs. When booked in partnership with one of the Earcandy bands or DJ, who can provide the music for the evening celebrations, you can make savings. The music of the Harp is very special and will elevate your celebration to new heights.

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