Choosing The Perfect Cover Band For Your Event

If you are looking for a band to book, it means that you probably have planned an event that has taken some serious consideration on all the finer points and touches. Whether you have planned a big extravaganza or a smaller, more intimate affair will determine your success in choosing the perfect cover band for your event. Cover bands are a great idea for any occasion because they play music that most people in your circle of friends, colleagues and peers will have already heard and be familiar with. Cover bands provide a familiar atmosphere that can lead to a barn-burning party that lasts all night long! The trick part is choosing the right one! Let us help you…

Plan the theme…


Choosing the perfect cover band for your event starts with the theme of your event. Is it formal? Social? Casual? Is it a party vibe or more of a serious occasion like an awards dinner? Maybe you have been looking for a great cover band for your wedding reception to ensure that your guests have a great time. In any case, choose the music that suits the occasion and then work from there. For large events that have a bit of a party feel, try out a Motown band, with covers of singer and songwriter legends such as James Brown, Aretha Franklin and the Jackson five. Maybe a sixties rock band is what you need to get the guests moving off their seats and onto the dance floor, jiving away to Elvis, the Beatles and the Rolling stones.

Set the scene….


Maybe you have planned a more formal affair, or more intimate occasion where you need some lower tempo tunes to settle the mood of the evening and get everyone on a social vibe that can help them open up to making new relationships or starting new associations with groups in the room. For this, think of a more soulful, slow rock band or a jazz band to create inspiring notes in the air and keep everyone engaged and active with one another. A jazz band is great, because not only do they usually have a great repertoire of covers from Jazz legends like Quincy Jones and Miles Davis, but often they might go off on their own creative tangent providing you with a completely unique feel to their cover set that you might not be able to create on other genres of music such as rock and roll.

Choose the band…


When you have decided the theme of the event, it’s time to start some due diligence on some cover bands. Choosing the perfect cover band for your event can be quite a daunting task if you have never tried to book a band before. So we recommend that you have a look at a company that manages cover bands for any occasions. These booking agents should usually have their entire stable of artists available for you to look at online, with videos of their performances so you can go through them and see exactly what you are booking. The convenience of using a booking agency also comes in the fact that they will offer guaranteed contracts that are secured and booked months in advance and you can be sure that the band will turn up on time and get the job done right.


Reputation is everything…

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While you are on the booking agent’s website, take the time to not only watch the videos of the artists you might like but check out the reviews from past client performances while you are at it and you will see first-hand the kind of experience you can expect for your event or occasion. Make sure that the agent is reputable and do a few searches on them as well. The agent will make life that much more simple on the day of the event and you will thank them for their professionalism once it is all over. With an agent you don’t need to worry about the finer details such as the sound equipment and the bands transport, it’s all taken care of from the get go, the cover band of your choice just arrives at the event, gives you the cover set of a lifetime and then leaves you all satisfied with the performance, that’s the way it should be and that’s what you can expect if you manage to select an entertainment agent that has good industry rep and solid testimonials behind their name. At the end of the day, a little time spent on the right preparation and working with the right people will land you the best cover band that you could possibly imagine, follow these simple rules we’ve outlined and choosing the perfect cover band for your event will be easy!

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