Christmas Party and Winter Entertainment

When the sleigh bells start to jingle and the mistletoe elicits warm kisses by the fireplace where chestnuts are roasting and the stockings are all full of warm delights and the hearth is surrounded by kith and kin and the eggnog is flowing then it’s that time of year to hire a band for the holidays and allow old St. Nick to let the hairs on his beard down so he can get his groove on with Mrs. Klaus.  Yes it’s that time of the year! Christmas party time ! What is a holiday without a celebration? And what is a celebration without a band? There are a variety of bands to choose from for the holidays and whether it be for a holiday party at the office or something more intimate there are a few things to consider before rushing through snow in a one-horse open sleigh to the nearest live band depot and picking up a fresh new four-piece at the last minute.

Some considerations are clear while others are a little less obvious. When choosing the perfect band to belt out the perfect festive cheer it’s important to find a band that can take care of the entertainment as well as those special moments where announcements are made and secret Santa gifts are distributed amongst those eager red-nosed recipients. As with most events live entertainment can breathe fresh air into a party where only tired old themes existed before. To find the right band it is of the utmost importance to find a way to entertain in a tasteful manner where the songs are chosen carefully to entice those attending to clasp each other arm-in-arm to brighten the spirits of all who arrive. Smiles and good cheer is the ultimate goal and whether a turtleneck crooner or a mix of horns and vocalists finds their way to the stage the attendees will feel the warmth if the songs are familiar and the yuletide turns into hugs and well-wishes.

As the band decks the halls and the dance floor with the pitter-patter of felt-tipped elf shoes or snow-tinged cloven hoof stompers the entire night will live on in the memories of those who arrive with the joy to extend to all, all seasons long, and there will be many a good memories after this Christmas Party.  Many look forward for months to the end of the year shindigs known as the holiday party and with a live band there’s no better way to send those cherub-faced loved ones into the new year with the excitement, confidence, and the renewed sense of optimism to tackle the resolutions and remaining months of winter. The fond bon voyage of the last few moments of one calendar year begin with a celebration that’s worthy of, well, celebrating. Live entertainment will help remind those that even in the dead of winter there’s cause for regeneration and experiencing something familiar and comforting is the best way to send them off. Instead of knocking door to door and standing in the cold to remind people tis the season for joy bring those loved ones and those held so dear into the warm embrace of a great soiree complete with a live band.


It’s office party time…..

Office Party Time

The office party is just around the corner and besides trying to figure out who’s getting what for who, one of the best ways to celebrate the holiday season is to give the gift of joy. As the snow settles and people bundle up and head out into the elements to brave the shopping madness reward them with the office party of a lifetime; one that includes a live band.If you’re hiring a live band make a list and check it twice to ensure your guests will know for sure which holiday party this year was naughty or nice. If the occasion calls for a sing-along of the seasons most heart affirming tunes hand this task over to the professionals who’ve practiced all year long to grant to bring gift of joy for every little girl and boy. Don’t be a Grinch and skimp on the live entertainment or you’re certain to receive a coal in your stocking and a few snarled lips to boot. The holiday party is the best time to scour the Internet for the best finds in live entertainment.

Whether a direct link by satellite to Santa’s Workshop gets the tingle in the belly and away from the tips of the toes is what is needed to pull all those humbugs off the their tookus and onto the dance floor or a well designed light show with a custom snow machine is the right touch to grant someone’s long lost Christmas wish then a live band complete with years of experience is the only way to go. Knock back the nog and watch as Dasher and Blitzen go wide-eyed with astonishment at the feel good event of the year when the band arrives, plugs in, and gets the festivities off to a great start with the best rendition of Rock the Bells they’ve ever heard. No to parties are ever the same so why risk the possibility of hosting the lame duck? Instead, find that band that’s going to make sure the only goose getting cooked is the one on the dance floor. Kisses all around will be the theme with or without the mistletoe hanging from the rafters.

If Tiny Tim is guilty of anything it’s knowing when to let go of the stogy old crutch loosen up those bandages and strum out a riff on his crutch guitar to the awesome sounds of Winter Wonderland. If done correctly hearts will be melting like a Snowman on a tropical vacation as the tunes flow freely from the amplifiers and into the warm embrace of those who are most cherished. Don’t let the cold outside keep your party from becoming the hottest party in town. Live entertainment is the only way to go. The lights and sounds of a smooth Jazz ensemble or a six-piece rock band will be the spike to the punch needed to disrobe those scarves and gloves and remind all who attend what it feels like to truly be alive.


10 Tips for hiring the best live entertainment possible…..

Wedding Band

Everyone knows a party isn’t a party without music. And a live band signifies a level of sophistication few are able to aspire to. Make this moment memorable but take heed to a few helpful hints to make sure it’s a memorable moment for the right reasons.

  • Hire professionals who are experienced in their craft and know how rock the house.


  • Audition the prospective musicians or hire someone else who you trust to handle this portion of the planning.


  • Provide ample space for the perfect acoustics and room to allow people to dance.


  • Plan ahead with pre-selected songs but allow for spontaneity. Make sure the band can proficiently organize a solid set and can wing it if people requests songs that aren’t on the list.


  • Know your audience. Booking an act that specializes in Polka may become an issue if your needs are strictly Country based.


  • Provide the necessary requirements for amplifiers, microphones, sound systems, and PA systems.


  • Check around to see if the band your intent on hiring is reputable. Will arrive on time with the appropriate members ready to go? Do they need prep time or break down time? Are their special requirements for wheeling equipment to and fro from the gig van? Is there space for a grand piano or is a keyboard the best option for the night?


  • Don’t be afraid to ask about pricing options. Maybe you only need a three-piece band and while a ten-piece band sounds like a great option is it the best choice for the occasion?


  • Don’t underestimate the value of a great performer. Sure, Bono and Jagger make it look extremely easy, but these are seasoned professionals who’ve put in the man-hours to know how to get the job done. If you feel uncertain about a performer tactfully discuss this with your planning coordinator, respectfully, but also recognize you’re getting what you pay for. Make sure it’s worth it for both parties involved.


  • Hire professionals who are experienced in their craft and know how rock the house.- Mix it up. A band that’s worth their weight in gold can do the fast set and then slow things down for a more intimate setting. One speed doesn’t work for blenders and for a blender where people are involved it doesn’t work well here either. An all systems go is great for a start but it can tire the audience out. Employing a band that understands when to turn up the heat and when to let things simmer is a priceless commodity.


By following these helpful tips your holiday party is sure to be the one everyone will be lining up for year after year. Put in the effort now so the payoff will come in your ability to enjoy the show later.


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