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Planning one’s wedding is a big deal, because it’s a big day. It is a unique moment to share with friends and family that you would never want to forget. Selecting the right entertainment that will animate your guests is a difficult task, as there are so many offers on the market. Making this decision is nevertheless an essential turning point that will determine how well this special day will be remembered. Keeping these emotions alive through images you can always come back to will only be as good as the perfect combination between your entertainment and an exceptional wedding photographer. Combining earcandy’s services with the valuable advice of Photo Productions is sure to provide you with that perfect combination.


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Earcandy has been on the entertainment agency market since 2010, offering a new and exciting approach to the industry of live musical entertainment. Working on a smaller scale with performers that they are well acquainted with, the experience of working with earcandy has proven to be more personal and intimate than with its larger competitors. Its smaller scale however, does in now way limit the wide range of choices they offer: music genres range from Jazz, Pop, Classical, Motown, and Rock, in addition to a select group of soloists for you to choose from. Besides an enjoyable and relaxing experience planning your wedding day, earcandy’s professionalism and access to state-of-the-art sound equipment as well as expert sound engineers guarantees to engage with your guests and immerse them wholeheartedly into your unforgettable day.




Photo Productions

Retaining snapshots of this day may be easy, but preserving the warm sentiments, the smiles, and that beating heart of the bass line may not. Photo Productions offers advice and guidance on how to print these fond memories forever. Though today there are many simple ways of capturing events on photo or video, a day as significant as your wedding is worthy of more. Photo Productions’ extensive experience since 2008 has won it accolades such as the Wedding Industry Experts 2013 runner-up and 2014 winner awards. This experience is clearly visible to the public on their blog which points to many distinctive ideas and important considerations to keep in mind when planning your wedding photography. Photo Productions offers insight on how to work with your professional photographer, providing a photo checklist, enlightening you on latest wedding fashion trends, and supplying tips on lighting, props, and locations to be present in your wedding photographs.


When it comes to physically engraving these memories into your family history, Photo Productions’ exclusive Photo Album service will hand design your ideal photobook in a beautiful and individual way with excellent industry-leading digital presses. A friendly customer service and unbeatable prices are reasons enough to be curious, not to mention their fantastic designs that avoid the use of pre-made templates.


The earcandy entertainment team is always on hand to help you with those entertainment decisions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our staff who will be more than happy to help out out with any questions you may have.




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