Why you should consider the Lake District for your wedding.

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding venue for your big day there are so many options to choose from all across the country. If you take some time and do some research online on wedding venue reviews, you will see one consistent area pop up on your search browser, the lake district.

There are a ton of great reasons why you should consider the lake district for your wedding venue, but the most important has to be you. That’s right, you deserve a romantic, intimate affair that brings together your family and friends for a day that you will remember forever.


Wedding Lake 1

So let’s take a quick look at a few other reasons that make the lake district so great from an ‘Anonymous’ submission

It was early evening as we were taking our coffee on the veranda of our cabin, along with some absolutely breath-taking panoramic views of the sunset over Lakeland Fells, when we decided that without a doubt, Beech Hill was the venue we had been looking for. This amazingly peaceful and serene landscape touched both of our hearts as we held each other into the approaching darkness, guarded by the candlelight around us.”

The Wow! Factor….

While the wow-factor that the venue provided was enough for us to decide on it as our venue of choice, it was a process that had come to an end, we had spent the entire weekend cruising the Lake District looking for the perfect venue and this proved to be what we desired and settled on in the end. Our quest was worth our while, but it took us a long time to find the right formula that a venue offered and these are the criteria that answered our burning question of why you should consider the Lake district for your wedding. There is just nowhere else in the UKI, or maybe even Europe that offers the kind of relaxing environment that reverberates peacefully out into the air and calms even the most rattled nerves on the big wedding day.

Stunning Scenery….

The Best views of lake Windermere provided by any hotel. Scenery is everything and the view is what mattered most for the aesthetic of the wedding. Most hotels also have balcony’s leading from the rooms, varying in different sizes, and very lush gardens that are in full bloom and provide an amazing scent in the air. We could just imagine our Strings Act we booked playing here. The green hills in the distance, a few fluffy clouds providing a bit of shade and a gentle breeze moving through the air are what make the Lake District desired and appreciated by anyone who is lucky enough to enjoy the moment and gaze at the natural wonderment.

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What’s the purpose of having a wedding at a lake if you can’t get out on the water? Our hotel had a private path down to the waterfront, along with a private jetty, that harboured a boat to take up to thirty people out onto the lake for sundowners, a spellbinding experience at both sunrise and sunset, the lake is peaceful and beautiful, a truly magical experience.

Comfort like no other…

Fantastic restaurant facilities are next on the agenda and the Lake districts hotel cuisine is incredible, served by top chefs. The Lake district has been a luxury destination for years and the quality of the food and it’s preparation really is second to none, they can comfortably cater for the largest groups and deliver service that is unparalleled with a friendly, well training staff that make sure you and your guests never have to lift a finger on your big day. The bridal suite was amazing and the atmosphere in the hotel just simply wonderful.

Lake Castle

We hope this convinces you why you should consider the Lake District for your wedding, nothing else in the UK compares in terms of atmosphere, value and a magical experience that you and your families and friends will remember forever. IT was amazing for us and we are sure it will be incredible for you too!

Submitted by ‘Anonymous Bride’

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