Cutting back on your wedding budget

When you’re planning your wedding, it’s easy to get carried away with all the details and adding in extra items here and there. Before you know it, your budget is blown and you find yourself in a precarious position where you have to cut back on your ideas in order to make it affordable to get married!

While we aren’t encouraging a thrifty wedding, we feel that you can save a few penny’s on your wedding budget and use it on other areas like taking that overseas honeymoon that you have both dreamed about!

Don’t worry! We put together a few things for you to think about when planning your wedding and what’s key and important that you can’t do without while giving you a new perspective on items that may be outdated and replaced by something more functional. Check them out and leave your ideas in the comments below!



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The Guestbook

Having this keepsake as a memory diary of the big day is a nice idea, but let’s face it, chances are you’re going to spend a fortune having it printed and customised, only to end up with it collecting dust on a shelf, or packed into a box that will never be opened.

Consider getting your wedding photographer to give you’re the digital files and then making your own wedding diary of the day’s events with a custom template you can download from the internet for free.


Personalised napkins and guest cards

We all want our wedding to be absolutely perfect right down to the personalised napkins at the table. But let’s be honest, is anyone really going to remember these finer details? At the end of the day, your friends and family come to celebrate your union, meet the new family members and celebrate your new life together, napkins are a distant second.


Tone down the invites

Your wedding invitation is an important part of your wedding day, it’s the formal request to your friends and family to join you in celebrating your new life together. Most people somehow think that today’s modern society cares about glamorous invitations that are printed on fine, expensive and exotic materials.

Take a proactive stance to this archaic madness by having a designer put together a digital invitation with an animation. This will cost a fraction of the expensive printed invitations and since it will be emailed to everyone, you can guarantee they will receive it and rsvp, when was the last time you opened a physical piece of mail, that wasn’t a bill, anyway?


Personalised welcome bags

It’s great to give a gift back to your guests as a sign of your appreciation of their attendance, however; going all out with personalised items is just silly and can really drive up costs.

Keep things simple with generic gifts that are quality and well thought out expressions of your feelings. See if you can arrange a discount if you buy the items in bulk and save thousands on this wedding expense.



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Unlimited bar tabs

Every bride and groom want to seem generous at the wedding reception and some offer a complimentary bar tab, letting the guests go wild at their expense. The thing is that of you tempt the tiger, you may see the teeth and giving your guests the opportunity to drink at your expense may end up costing you dearly, not only in your bank account but with your reception as well.

Giving your guests unlimited alcohol means that you give them the chance to misbehave and embarrass themselves as well. Keep the powder dry and the flames away from the fuse by having a cash bar and some table wines, with free local beers, this should keep everyone happy and still let them have a good time.



The final thought

While no one wants to detract from the wedding experience just to save a few coins, it’s important to keep your wedding expenses at bay and only really splurge on items that you really need. Not everyone needs that personalised bathroom soap or wedding cake, take the money you save on those areas and put them to better use on things that will add to your marriage.

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