Why a Destination Wedding is a Great Idea

The best way to break free from the responsibilities of your big day is to get married abroad. The old-fashioned idea of eloping embraces this idea and nothing says romance better than packing your bags for an exotic location for your wedding.

Whether you go to a tropical beach, or a snowy mountain retreat, getting married abroad can actually save you a bundle on your wedding planning.

You don’t need a big flashy reception, or a tailored ceremony, it can be as bare bones as you like it, with just the two of you, or splash out and bring your family and closest friends.

If you want to cut back on the guest list, then you can easily include some plane tickets and a hotel bill in your wedding budget.

A destination wedding is close than you think, let’s look at some more reasons on why it’s a great way to get married.



Destination Weddings aren’t as stressful as Traditional ones

Destination weddings don’t involve quite as much planning as a wedding that’s held locally. You don’t have to worry about the venue and the entertainment, most hotels will sort that all out for you if you need it.

Many of them have bespoke wedding packages that can be created in hours and held in a matter of days from booking your day.

All you need is a passport and a dream and away you go!


Family is Optional

Having a wedding abroad is a great excuse to get away by yourselves for your wedding experience. If these family members you aren’t comfortable around then this is the perfect excuse to make sure you don’t have any unwanted guests at your big day.

If you feel guilty about it when they ask why you aren’t including them, tell them it’s a combination wedding and honeymoon and they are welcome to come along if they can foot their own bill.

At the mention of having to spend their own money, you will quickly discover who your closest friends and family are.



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They can Actually Save you Money

When you think of a wedding destination that’s abroad, the thought of huge expenses comes to mind. Actually, quite the opposite can be true.

The cost of a couple of plane tickets, some hotel accommodation, and a wedding ceremony can work out a lot cheaper than a cost of a wedding reception with loads of guests racking up a big bill.

The costs of a wedding mainly come from the venue and the catering. If you have none of those to worry about, then you can save a massive amount to extend your stay at your destination of choice.


It’s All about You

You don’t have to worry about anyone else’s ego getting in the way of your big day. It can be as intimate as you want it to be and wherever you want it to be. It’s your fantasy so discuss destination ideas and plans between yourselves.


The Perfect Experience for a Second Marriage

If you are a couple that’s starting your second marriage and you don’t want the hassle of a big day or a large venue filled with people, then a destination wedding is the perfect choice.

You can leave the kids behind and take a romantic trip to your destination of choice, including it in your honeymoon as just the two of you enjoy each other’s company while you commit to your new life together.



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Meet up with Lost friends

If you have lost friends over the years to the miles between you, then this is a perfect opportunity to round them up for a celebration.

Most people will consider the excuse to get away from the boredom and routine of their lives, wherever they are in the world. Bringing everyone together again a=for your big day can turn into the reunion experience of a lifetime.


The Final Thought

Destination weddings may not be for everyone but they are worth thinking about. Leave it all behind and elope, or invite your friends and family, you decide. check with your travel agent for the best deals on a destination wedding.


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