Your guide to a fabulous destination wedding

Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.
― Anita Desai


One of the most important decisions that every happy couple will need to consider and get right is the wedding venue. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find couples that will opt to have their weddings overseas, incorporating both the wedding and honeymoon in exotic locations. For some however, they choose to stay at home for the wedding  and then travel abroad for the honeymoon. Whatever your preference, we’ve listed a few of the top memorable destinations you need to consider for your wedding itinerary.

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Mexico offers you many varying resorts to choose from for your wedding or honeymoon. There are exotic places like Ezperanza Resort Cabo, Cabu San Lucas, Hacienda De San Anthonio , etc, where you will not only find breathtaking ocean views and lagoons, but also sprawling game reserves containing thousands of gigantic palms and wild life species. These places are so popular; you might even find yourself sharing spaces with celebrities. There are many exciting stuffs you can choose to do there, like Kayaking, mountain climbing, whale watching, boarding, etc. Beautiful beaches with warm people, what will you not like about Mexico?


Though Hawaii might be known as the top destination for people on vacation, it is also on the top list of anyone planning a big escape after the wedding. Hawaii boasts of world class resorts and wonderful white beaches with sky blue water. The costs are relatively cheap; you can even start planning with a relatively low budget.



The Caribbean is known for its wonderful array of rich cultures, perfect turquoise waters, secluded sandy beaches, delicious cuisine and beautiful sunsets. What’s more, with a token, you can get a cruise and view more of the breathtaking Caribbean landscape. If your honeymoon dream includes sun, sand and water, then the Caribbean is your destination.



Rome remains one of the most romantic cities in the world  where you can have a memorable wedding or honeymoon, history and romance go hand in hand as they say. The food is always wonderful and delicious. Though, the city is teeming with tourists and vacationers alike, the captivation is so rich and breathtaking that you will soon forget the crowd and focus on enjoying the moment.



Paris; the Capital City of Romance, everything from the beautiful scenes, food, people, even hotels, will all contribute to making your wedding a most memorable one. There are an abundance of famous landmarks that you can visit such as the Eifel Tower, Notre-Dame and Arc de Triomphe etc. At night, when lit up, Paris becomes a breathtaking and enchanting city, a truly perfect place for lovers.Sandals Resort: If your dream of a perfect honeymoon is lying on the beach with your face up to the sun and your spouse beside you, then you might make Sandals Resort your top priority. Whatever might be your worries or post-marriage stress, once you step into one of the exotic Sandals Resorts, they will fizzle away. The only thing you will be confronted with will be the ever sprawling ocean that goes on forever without limit. This is a perfect spot for some escapee newlyweds.


What you need to know about getting married abroad….


Getting married abroad can be quite an appealing prospect with nicer weather, less chance of rain, amazing food and a cheaper budget on offer. However, with such exotic positives come some downsides such as organising a wedding from afar and having limited guests able to attend your special day. Below is a list of pros and cons to help you with this decision.


  • The world is your oyster – you will have more scope for innovation and creativity than at home.


  • More likely to have nice weather.


  • You are guaranteed to have a unique wedding which your friends and family wont have experienced before.


  • Weddings abroad can be a lot cheaper than at home.


  • You can have a relaxing holiday before and after your wedding.


  • You have the opportunity to spend more time with your guests.


  • It can be less stressful as many wedding packages abroad include wedding co-coordinators.


  • You can combine your wedding abroad with your honeymoon if you wish.



  • You may only be able to invite a limited number of guests.


  • Some guests may think that attending is out of their price range.


  • You will have to do your research and be prepared to answer your guest’s questions regarding accommodation, flights, transfers and things to see and do.


  • By planning your wedding abroad from afar you are less likely to be able to check out the venue beforehand and you may worry about things going wrong.


Make sure when you’re booking your venue to look out for testimonials from other couples that have married there. Also, make sure that you keep in touch with a contact at your destination or hotel, they should be able to reassure you about any worries you may have.

9 Tips For A No Hassle Destination Wedding

Stress free wedding travel

Adventurous couples and those who love to travel might decide to fly off to an exotic island paradise, or travel to a historically rich country for their wedding. This is known as a destination wedding, and they are becoming increasing popular among travel buffs. How do you go about planning a destination wedding so that you get the most out of your day? Take a peek at these tips to help you out!


Ask for discounts

From the hotel to the airfare, it’s important to ask for discounts if you’re reserving seats for a group. A lot of the popular destination spots now offer wedding packages, so you’ll be able to book your wedding and accommodation for the group for less than the standard price. As competition increases, some resorts will offer the wedding for free if you book your honeymoon. So ask about discounts, special packages, extras and upgrades to get the best value for money.


Be kind to your guests

Your family and friends may have to spend a small fortune to attend your wedding. A goal in your planning should be to make it as affordable as possible for them to attend and also keep different Cultures and Traditions when booking places for guests. It means that you’ll have to steer clear of the pricey resorts, tempting though they may be. Let your guests know that you’re willing to forego the gifts to help them save money, or register for inexpensive items if you don’t want to give up the registry.


Give your guests fair warning

Most people cannot book a flight and accommodation at a moment’s notice. Your guests need fair notice to save up the money for travel, so give them at least 8-12 months’ notice. This will also give them time to score the best deals on travel and accommodation.


Know the legalities

The legal requirements for getting married are different depending on where you go. From marriage fees to residency requirements, it’s important to understand the legalities so you’ll have no problems when you get there.





Picking your dream location…..

Wedding dream location

So it’s time to pick that dream location. You might want to lie on a white sand beach in the Bahamas, or Cuba, or perhaps you want to take in the sights in Paris, or Lisbon. Many couples choose an island wedding, this way they can marry on the beach at sunset, and then spend their honeymoon snorkeling or lying in the sun.


Choose a Wedding Planner with Travel Experience

You can either decide to let the resort you are staying at plan and organise your wedding day, or you can choose a wedding planner at home who is experienced in travel and destination weddings. This way, you get the benefit of a wedding planner who can not only bring all the details together of the wedding and reception, they can help organise travel plans and help purchase airplane tickets and reserve hotel rooms.


Make Sure Your Guests Can Make It

A destination wedding means you will most likely have a smaller ceremony, and a smaller guest list. It is always recommended that before too much planning goes into the wedding, and long before you book your hotel and wedding packages, make sure the most important people you want to be there are able to go. For some people, it is just not in their budget to travel to a far-away location, and you don’t want to regret not having them there with you.


Plan Your Honeymoon Too

One of the best advantages of having a destination wedding is that you can plan your honeymoon for the same location. You are already at an exotic beach, or basking in the glow of an urban setting, so why not explore it after your ceremony? Many resorts in the Caribbean offer honeymoon packages and specials to couples who have their wedding at the resort, and also offer great discounts to your guests as well.




Planning a wedding in the UK…..

UK wedding planning

Rolling hills and tranquil countrysides with picturesque castles, what more is there to ask for…  There are literally thousands of venues up and down the UK to suit all wedding parties on all budgets. If you’re looking for a local wedding entertainment agency in London then drop us a line or why not check out our feature pieces on wedding bands London as well as Wedding bands Surrey as well as our favourite wedding bands in Kent.



There are a number of churches all over the country which can offer either a quiet and quaint service or a grand affair for large parties.  Many people who choose to marry in a church will more often than not get married in a local church by a minister or priest who has known them since a young age.  This can make the ceremony itself much more personal with stories of when the couple were younger.  It is a perfect setting for those who have known each other from an early age.


A House Wedding

You might like to marry at home or a friend’s home. Depending on the size of the house you choose, you might have to rent a tent for the backyard or trim your guest list to only those most important to you. You might have to rent additional portable bathroom facilities and you will need space for your guests’ vehicles.

A Country Club Wedding

If you have a higher budget or maybe the boss has asked you to organize the year end party, perhaps a country club wedding will suit you. Typically, all the furnishing, catering and decorations are included and there is usually more than enough space for a large wedding. You are able to have both the ceremony and reception here; however, the majority of country clubs are members only, so you must either be a member or know someone who is.

A Restaurant Wedding

If you are having a smaller wedding then perhaps a restaurant is more in line to your needs. You can pick your favorite fine-dining restaurant and treat your guests to fabulous food and service. You will usually pay for the cost of the food and beverage intake for the day for the restaurant but tables, silverware and china plus the bar are usually covered. Having a restaurant wedding is also a great place for a solo artist or perhaps you could hire an band for your very own private gig.

A Beach or Park Wedding

If you love the outdoors and have a particular beach or park you love to attend, then why not have your wedding there? You will need a permit, so it’s probably best to contact the local council. You will need to supply your own chairs, decorations and catering, plus a tent in case of rain. You should check if the park or beach has a time limit or noise restriction as well. For a little more inspiration check out these wedding shots on flickr.

Further afield

For those who are either not particularly religious, or simply would like to have their ceremony in a slightly grander venue, there is the popular option of choosing a country manor, hotel or even a castle wedding.  For all three options, the full order of events of the day can be held in one place, but due to the remote destination of the castles and country manors, many people may choose to provide additional transport or rooms for the guests, this can become quite pricey and is not for the low budget wedding although does come with some amazing food and catering options.


Shoe String wedding

For those who do not have the several thousands of pounds which the average UK wedding is rumored to cost these days, or for those who are saving for other things such as the honeymoon, a low cost venue is a must.  However, low cost does not have to mean any less spectacular.  Outdoor weddings are very popular, but they need not be in the grounds of a castle to make them endearing and romantic. For those who live in the countryside, perhaps speaking to a local farmer and asking to make use of the surrounding fields would be well advised.  With a beautifully decorated marquee for the ceremony and maybe even a barn dance for the reception, there is every chance of having a truly unique wedding with all the beauty of a castle wedding at a fraction of the cost. A trip to the Lake District with a small wedding party for a ceremony in the heart of the lakes and casual reception in one of the local taverns need not break the bank but will provide some of the most amazing wedding photos ever seen for sure.

Planning the Location : – Inside or Out…..


Should you have an iindoor or an outdoor wedding?  Well, that really depends on the locale of your wedding, the time of year and the type of wedding you want to have. For example, if you want a winter wedding, it’s usually not a good idea to have it outdoors, especially if you are planning to have it in London.


Time of Year

If you are having your wedding anywhere in the United Kingdom, where you choose to have your wedding; whether outdoor or indoor, will depend on the time of year. If you would like a winter wedding, unless your guests don’t mind the cool temperatures, you should plan for an indoor wedding. This isn’t to say you can’t have an outdoor wedding in December for example; in fact, snow can make the perfect backdrop for a ceremony. You would need to plan ahead for your guests’ comfort and perhaps make for a shorter ceremony on colder days. Of course, a summer wedding in the country would be beautiful and you could have ancient castles or fields of flowers as your backdrop.


Destination Wedding

If you are planning on a destination wedding, and you are going somewhere warm, like the Caribbean for example, than a beach wedding, meadow wedding or mountain wedding would be perfect. Hotel typically offer wedding packages for couples too, with a venue, either outside or inside and will offer great honeymoon deals as well.


Religious Wedding

If you want to have a religious ceremony and would love to marry inside your church, then an outdoor and indoor wedding could be arranged. For example, you could have your actual ceremony inside the church of your choice, and then have your reception in a hotel’s lawns, or your own backyard or park. Combination weddings and receptions have become more popular and it’s a great way to combine your love of the outdoors with a traditional church wedding.


Garden Wedding

For a beautiful outdoor wedding, you could choose a garden wedding. This can be your own garden, a relative’s property, or situated in a park setting. If you choose a garden wedding in a park, be aware of any permits or licences you will need to obtain beforehand. A garden wedding is perfect for intimate and smaller weddings that will bring the beauty of nature right to your feet on your special day.



Planning your Destination live wedding entertainment…..

Wedding Entertainment


With all the expenses of travel and accommodations, it’s easy to understand why a couple may want to cut costs on the entertainment, but the success of a wedding hinges in part of the type of entertainment provided. The couple may have a hard time selecting a local band at the destination or may find the travel expense for a band to be too much. Whatever the argument for using an iPod, there may be simple and cost-effective solutions for getting professional musicians to manage your destination wedding entertainment. Asking your inexperienced relative to play the preloaded songs on your iPod takes away from the excitement of the wedding. Here are some reasons to rethink that decision and get a live band or DJ.

You maintain control

Some couples argue that using an iPod gives them complete control over the music. But hiring professionals doesn’t mean that you’ll have no say in the music played. You’ll have to make time to meet with the musicians and go over your playlist. Professionals are always cooperative, and will spend time trying to understand your vision. The role of the band should be to perfectly execute your vision.

Flawless announcements

Communication at a destination wedding is critical to your success. A huge drawback to not using professional musicians is the lack of a competent emcee. Your cousin may be able to move the tracks along on the iPod, but does he have the sophistication and polish to transition from one aspect of the wedding to another? Will he have the capacity to smooth over awkward moments by diverting attention to something else? These skills are inherent in any professional performer, and they’re needed in the unpredictable atmosphere of a destination wedding.

Versatile and flexible

Experienced professionals know how to read the crowd and play the music to match the crowd’s mood. Whether that means extending the set or changing the tone to get everyone involved, a professional understands how to create that flow at weddings and other events. Can you say the same about the person who will work your iPod?

Family friendly music

Those tracks you pulled off the web may be polluted with words that you don’t want your grandmother or kids at your wedding to hear. Professionals will keep the entertainment clean, so you won’t have to send out apologies for the entertainment after the wedding is over.

You’re not saving that much

You’ll have to rent equipment and purchase music to play your iPod. After you tally the costs, you’ll realize that you’re not saving that much. If you don’t want to pay the costs for the DJ or band to travel to your destination, get local entertainers. You’ll have to do your research to find the right one, but with the internet, that may be easier that you think.


That’s all for now folks. Keep checking back for more destination travel tips as we regularly update this page. If you have any questions or just need to chat about planning your live entertainment needs, then please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be more than happy to help.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
― Lao Tzu

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