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A wedding project is a big task, in fact, most people decide to hire some outside help to ensure the whole project goes smoothly. However some brave brides to be take this task upon themselves. It makes sense, you can save a large amount of cash, but you can also exert the level of control over each aspect to ensure everything goes how you want it. Check out our DIY Bride guide below.

For those that decide to do it themselves, I can only say good on you. While most do get a little bit of outside help, perhaps from mum or their best friends, someone to ask for advice and guidance, the bulk of booking venues, hiring caterers and photographers are done by the bride to be.

As said, this is no small task, and along the way you will undoubtedly encounter moments where you just want to break down and cry. That’s okay! It’s a long road and there will be times when it gets too much. This article looks at some of the essential advice you should arm yourself with, before diving into the unknown of booking your own wedding.

It won’t be easy, but hopefully this article can help make it a little bit easier.


Remember, it’s all about you.

About You

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At the end of the day, this is your wedding and your special day. Some decisions that will have to made will not necessarily be popular. You might have a distant auntie upset that you are serving chicken instead of fish for the meal. Well remember this, this is your wedding so what you want goes.

If you start bending over backwards trying to please every single person, no decision will be made. You will encounter various differing opinions and attitudes about what you should do but you should not feel obliged to try and keep everyone happy. The only person you need to make happy is yourself, so go with what you believe is best.

Of course, part of making yourself happy is trying to make everyone else satisfied. But as soon as you start changing one little thing, you will realise how impossible the task of ensuring everyone is happy actually is.


When it comes to a DIY wedding, you have to make sure it is planned comprehensively. The best way to start is to write down everything you need. Things like a venue, a band or DJ, caterers, flowers and so forth are all aspects that need to be addressed. Write every single thing you can think off down then prioritize them ranking them in importance.

You can probably get away with hiring a DJ closer to the actual confirmed date than you can the venue, so it is obvious which is more important to sort out first.

You should make sure from start to finish everything is carefully detailed and you have a plan of action of what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it. Having this progress log motivates you to keep on track and taking the steps closer towards getting it all done.

This planning stage also requires the meticulous task of costing. The overall price of a wedding can quickly get out of control, so initially you want to assign a budget to each separate section. If you go over the budget for the venue, you will have to find areas where that cost can be recovered.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

You might feel you are doing yourself a disservice if you ask for help when you are planning your DIY wedding. Well I don’t think anyone else actually believes that.

Getting married is supposed to be the happiest moment of your life, you don’t want to distract from that by having to run around and make things run smoothly. As it gets closer and closer to the date, you will start feeling more and more pressure to perform. This is the best time to hold your hands up and ask for help.

Asking for help doesn’t detract from what you have achieved, and you will find plenty of people lining up to offer support because they love and care about you.

Weddings are humongous tasks to plan and implement, after all, a cheap wedding planner charges several thousands, and you are doing this all for free with no experience.

Let Go And Enjoy Yourself.


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Most brides who go down the DIY route do it because it allows them to have a high degree of control over their special day. While this is fine and every bride wants to have control of the day, when the time comes and you are walking down the aisle, forget about the details and enjoy the moment.

When it comes to the day of your wedding, relax and start to enjoy yourself, because it is your day after all. Do not have any worries, you are marrying the love of your life and that is the only thing that you should be focused on, not the minor details about the DJs track list.


We hope you have been able to take some useful advice from this article. If you are planning your own wedding currently we hope everything runs smoothly and you have a special memorable day. It is one of life’s greatest moments, so savour the day and let it provide happy memories for years to come.


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