Event Planning Made Easy

Whatever the occasion, be it business or pleasure, formal or casual, a grand affair or an intimate gathering, pulling off an incredible event is a lot of work. Planning an event can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. If you give yourself a realistic time frame, stick to your budget and delegate tasks, it can make the whole event planning process run a lot smoother. Here’s our top ten event planning made easy tips.


#1 The Difference is in the Detail

The difference between a great event and an average one are in the details: the planning, organizing, budgeting and promoting, to name a few. As a guest, it’s obvious from the moment you walk in if an event falls short. As a planner, it’s a little more difficult, you need to preempt every possible dilemma that could rear its ugly head and ensure it doesn’t happen. The key is being organised, make a checklist, delegate tasks where possible and regularly review what has been done and what needs doing.


#2 Make A Checklist

A checklist is essential for getting everything done on time, the more detailed the better. Make your checklist and set dates for when each thing needs to be completed. If you have a team working with you on the event, it’s a good idea to create a virtual checklist that everyone can access and update.



#3 Give Yourself A Realistic Time Frame

Don’t leave things till the last minute, it will make the whole process very stressful and you may not be able to secure your ideal venue, caterers or entertainment on the day you need them, which could spell disaster.



#4 Pick The Perfect Team

Choose people to help you plan your event that you know will get the job done. It will make the whole planning process a lot smoother and will ensure your event lives up to all yours and guests expectations.



#5 Stick To A Budget

To avoid going over budget it’s essential you constantly reassess how much you have spent and how much you have left. If you are working on a tight budget but don’t want it to be obvious to your guests, there are lots of ways you can save money –

  1. Book your event venue on a cheaper day
  2. Don’t blow your budget on a fancy venue, choose a cheaper one and dress it up
  3. Get your haggle on! Don’t be afraid to negotiate
  4. Book an acoustic duo instead of a full band  
  5. Choose the right catering option



#6 Communication is Key

Have regular event planning meetings with your team to ensure your all on the same page and to address any bumps in the road. If you can’t physically meet up, you can also use a video conferencing service to have a virtual meeting online. It’s also a good idea to have a WhatsApp group.



#7 Don’t Leave Your Guests Hungry

Ordering food for a big event isn’t an easy task, once you have decided upon the type of food, you need to decide how much to order. Order too little and your guests could leave with rumbling tummies, order too much and you will essentially be throwing money in the bin after the event. On average out of 100 people invited to an event between 25-50 will not attend, based on this notion you should order enough food to feed 75% of your guest list.



#8 Choose The Perfect Venue

Your perfect venue may not be the most practical one, be realistic, does it fit your budget? Can it accommodate your guests? Is it easy to get too? Make a list of what you need from a venue and keep them firmly in mind when selecting your venue.



#9 Be Prepared For What Can Go Wrong

It’s inevitable, not everything will happen the way you want it too. Manage your time effectively and keep a list of venues, caterers, entertainers etc that you like, so you can make some quick calls if something goes wrong.  



#10 Leave the Stress Behind and Make Your Event Shine

We realise pulling off an epic event is a pretty daunting task and not getting stressed is easier said than done! But if you are organised and don’t try to do everything yourself you should be able to reduce unneeded stress. A little mediation and a punch bag may also help on days when it all gets too much!


Finally…..you must also ensure you hire great entertainment from a reputable company, ask colleagues and friends for recommendations and always read reviews. Earcandy are an award-winning live entertainment company who offer tailored packages & hand-picked performers. Find out more about our live acts here.

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