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This is it, this is the pièce de résistance of the wedding. It’s the first dance as a married couple, and there are many things to think about. That first dance has to be perfect, just like the wedding, because it’s the moment that will stand out in your minds forever. Stuck? Here are some ideas on how to pick that first song.


Memories are made of this

Wedding Memories

Think back on things you and your partner have done together. Do you go to concerts very often? Do you watch a lot of television, see live plays, or watch movies? Did any experiences stand out to you? If they did, start there, poke around, see what you remember about those times and if there were any particular musical numbers that struck a chord with you.


What’s your style?

If you and your partner like to go against the grain, then wedding staples simply won’t do for you. What are your personalities like? Are you considered the ‘clowns’ among your friends? Then go for a song that reflects that – ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic is kooky enough to possibly be up your alley, or at least make it into the overall music list. Are you wild children? Make a statement. Go with Madonna, Whitesnake, even AC/DC (though that might be tough to dance to, unless you want to do some headbanging).


Back in time or right now?

Are you fond of classics, or do you prefer contemporary music? How far back do you consider ‘classic’? You aren’t limited to any time period, so if you’re not fond of the 1960s, you don’t have to go there for your musical choices. You can even select something downright ancient, if you’d like – how about viking drinking songs? No?


Consider choreographing your dance moves

Learn a dance together and take it to the dance floor on your wedding day. Don’t go overly complex – if you can help it, we know some of you are overachievers out there – it’s more than enough to show that you’re both on the same page in what you’re doing. Learning to dance is also just a fun activity, and it’s great exercise, so it’s a worthwhile activity no matter what the reason.




This may be scary to some of you, but, make your first (and last, too) dance songs secret. Have one person pick the first song, the other pick the second, and only tell the DJ or, if you have one, the wedding planner. The wedding planner will pass the song choices along to the right people and make sure they’re played when they need to be. Sure, it doesn’t help with the fluttering feeling in the stomach, but being spontaneous can be fun! It can also give you some insight into your spouse’s tastes, thoughts, or teach you that they’re a gigantic prankster.


Has anyone covered that lately?

A lot of popular wedding songs have been covered by other bands over the past thirty – and then some – years. In some cases, the cover may be better than the original, or at least intriguing in ways you’d never really considered. Search the internet for ‘your song’ ‘cover’ and see what comes up – you might be pleasantly surprised, or horribly, horribly scarred. You may even discover something completely different over the course of your search.


Momma don’t dance, daddy don’t rock


Foregoing the first dance is an option, too.


It’s not mentioned very often because the assumption is that every couple wants to get up in front of friends and family and dance together, with everybody staring, and there’s no possible reason why anybody wouldn’t want to do that. Performance anxiety? Nah. Bad dancers? No way. Just plain can’t get up and dance? Nooo. The reality is, for some people, for any conceivable reason, the first dance is just something that they absolutely cannot or do not want to do. That is perfectly fine. You can also set it up so that the “first dance” is a first dance for everyone for that evening so you and your spouse aren’t alone on the dance floor.
What suits your relationship?

Guys, gals, nonbinary readers: your first dance doesn’t have to be to a sappy, romantic song, at all. If the lyrics to one of Black Sabbath’s more surreal offerings speaks to you and your spouse, by all means, use it. Maybe the message of “Turn Up the Night” fits your relationship to a ‘T’. Perhaps Queen’s version of “Another One Bites the Dust” has special meaning because you both went through a lot to get to where you are today.

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