Flowers and Favours

Soft, gentle and romantic flowers are perfect for a summer wedding. Peonies, stocks and lillies are in bloom with a strong, sweet scent. You can also choose from sweet peas, roses, delphiniums, eremurus and hydrangeas.

In mid-summer you could try the more unusual love-in-a-mist (Nigella) and look for light colours, particularly pinks, whites, blues and lilacs, or pale purple. Vintage colours like peach and dusty pink are also coming back into vogue for summer weddings, so you could consider using them in your arrangement

Lime green foliage looks beautiful in summer and you could add seasonal herbs to your bouquet or table decorations, such as dill, mint and lavender. Summer fruit is growing in popularity as a table decoration and brighten up the table at any time of the year.Don’t be afraid to get creative this summer. At a garden party, glass globes look beautiful hanging from the trees, and you can fill them with seasonal flowers or candles. Decorate the marquee using branches and fresh flowers and you are sure to have a happy summery wedding… regardless of the weather…

A little style and elegance with Orchids…..

Orchids for weddings

While preparing bouquets for weddings, it is important to select the right kind of flowers and the perfect colours. Orchids have always been given a special place among the flowers chosen to make bouquets. Those days have passed when orchids were extremely expensive and orchid wedding bouquets were not within the common man’s reach.

Today, a beautiful bridal bouquet can alone decorate a joyous occasion like a wedding. A wedding bouquet should suit the personality of the bride.  Orchid wedding bouquets have grown in popularity because of the beauty they bring with the flowers. These bouquets are long lasting and that is another appealing factor when it comes to choosing orchid wedding bouquets.

At a wedding, bouquets with orchids can symbolize love and luxury. As there are lots of varieties and colours of orchids, it is not so easy to choose the bouquet suiting your moods and needs. For classic or traditional weddings, white orchids look great and white orchid bouquets add elegance to such weddings. For a unique wedding bouquet, mix different varieties and colours of orchids and tie it up in a silver satin ribbon for maximum beauty.Bouquets have been used to symbolize specific themes and are great for matching your wedding theme to your floral arrangements. Orchids are the best way to decorate the wedding bouquets as they are exquisite in nature and come in vibrant colours, making them ideal to use for different themes. While choosing orchid wedding bouquets for a beach wedding, purple makes the best choice. Cymbidiums are good to make a very graceful bouquet. Cattleya orchids, vanda orchids, phalaenopsis and lady’s slipper orchids are used quite often..

A favor please…..

Wedding Favor

Wedding favours are traditionally given to each guest at the wedding breakfast. They are an old tradition that originated in Italy, where five sugared almonds were given as a gift to each guest. The five sugared almonds symbolised wealth, health, fertility, long life and happiness. These days, favours can be anything from a chocolate to a candle.

Ideas for your favours

  • Chocolates
  • Candles
  • Bars of natural soap
  • Potpourri
  • Seeds – ask your guests to plant a flower, vegetable or fruit plant in memory of your wedding day.
  • Charity donation – The average favour costs £1 per guest. If there’s a charity close to your heart, why not donate the money to it instead of buying favours.
  • Lottery scratch cards – A fun altenative to traditional favours and, who knows, guests may leave your wedding a lot richer!

We hope you’ve enjoyed our flowers and favours guide. As always we would love to hear from you in the comments.

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