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To make sure your wedding day becomes the special and unique day that it is, what better way than to offer your guests exquisite wedding favours to enjoy during and after the wedding? Wedding favours are a fantastic and inexpensive icebreaker to get your guests talking and laughing with each other. Including individual party favour in your wedding entertainment is an easy and cheap addition to make, the combination of which culminates in building memories that you will never forget. If you are really on a tight budget, such favours can also be opted for as a highly affordable alternative to organized entertainment acts that are more costly.

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Have you ever found yourself amongst a group of strangers and thought it difficult and awkward to get a conversation going? Weddings are often a meeting place for family and friends who may not yet know each other. Because some find it difficult to interact with new people, you wouldn’t want your wedding atmosphere to be undermined by even just slightly uncomfortable guests. Fun Favours, a party favours company motivated to provide you with exciting party supplements at unbeatable prices are guaranteed to get your guests stimulated and socializing. Fun Favours offers a wide variety of articles and deals to get your party going.


Amongst the favours you will find fantastic Photo Props that will ensure your wedding photos are original and perfectly translate the fun your guests are having. These props go on further to include a range of masks with diverse themes such as Venetian masks, Roaring Twenties masks, musical and Twentieth Century icon masks, and Alice in Wonderland masks. These are hilarious additions to your wedding that guests can share and trade amongst themselves. Little mustaches, glasses, monocles and bowties on a stick are equally fun props that Fun Favours have on offer, ready for you to share with your guests.

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Amongst the more traditional favours available, Fun Favours sell coloured party bags that are waiting for you to fill up with your own ideas. With growing DIY trends, there are many ideas you can gather on Pinterest,, and These online platforms are the perfect place to get inspired for what to include in your part bags.







Recurring ideas that are lovely to share with your guests include homemade soaps and bath salts as demonstrated by the online Brides magazine, a very popular UK bridal magazine. These may be accompanied with homemade cookies with personalized messages of your choice, or more specifically fortune cookies as suggested by Wedding Ideas. The best wedding favours are both fun and personal, so making your own to add to your party bags is an original way to make your wedding day unforgettable. Adding an inexpensive disposable camera may be another idea to get your guests involved in the event, all the while capturing their own photographs to be shared after! Plus, if you are a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, you are sure to be reminded of the Bing wedding…




If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to entertain your guests and share an incredible wedding day experience, wait no longer. Go visit Fun Favours on their official website, facebook and twitter!  With Favours starting at only £1.99 each you’re bound to find something to suit all budgets!



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