Go Live or Go Home – 8 Reasons Live Wedding Bands Are Best

You can feel a bit spoilt for choice when considering the entertainment options for your wedding. From an iPod shuffle shoestring budget approach, to cigar bars and fire eaters, with magicians for the kids. There’re myriad options for everyone. But the one option you really shouldn’t overlook is a live wedding band. Here’s why.

8 Reasons Why You’ll Regret Not Hiring a Live Wedding Band

1. Atmosphere

In the words of the great Russ Abbot, ‘Oh what an atmosphere! I love a party with a happy atmosphere…’ and there’s no comparable atmosphere-maker to live music. A good live band will bring an unparalleled energy to any event.

2. Audience interaction

A CD can’t talk to your guests. An iPod shuffle can’t take requests. Neither can smile and encourage the dancers. Live performers get people onto the dance floor like nothing else because they’re already dancing. It removes the embarrassment of taking to the floor before anyone else.

3. Authenticity

This is some recent feedback from one of our clients: ‘Even one of my nephews, a professional DJ and music festival organizer, told me he thought it was the original artists as part of disco until he realized it was Motown Gold Frontline!’

Whether you’re working with a theme and require an act that can bring some vintage panache, like King of the Swingers, or simply want a band that can belt out crowd-pleasers, a live performance will always be more authentic than a CD broadcast over a tinny PA system.

4. Romance

Is there anything more romantic than stepping out for you first dance to ‘your’ song performed by a live band especially for you?

5. Choice

Thrash metal to country, whatever your preferred genre of music, you will find a live wedding band willing to accommodate. The great thing about working with a live band is that you can find a style that best suits you. As a general rule, it’s better to go for a group with something in their repertoire for everyone – The Somebodys  have a play list spanning six decades, giving you an enormous choice. But if you want to work with a niche group, there will be someone out there for you.

6. Flexibility

Depending on the artists you work with, a live band can bring music to different parts of your wedding. You could walk down the aisle to a live song. Your guests can be entertained during dinner by gentle acoustic tracks. And you can fill the dance floor with tubthumpers. How you use your band is down to you. But it’s really liberating knowing that the options are almost endless and yours for the choosing.

7. Personality

A good live wedding band won’t just bring atmosphere to your big day, but personality too. They can build your theme. Musicians can get involved with your speeches (if you ask them to in advance), striking chords in all the right places. They might PA for you. If you have special requirements, a professional band will help.

8. Professional sound quality

When you hire a well-supported band, like the artists who work with Earcandy, you will receive the benefit of a professional sound technician too. While most venues will provide a PA system, they’re rarely top of the range and will never be tailored specifically to the performers on the stage. A sound technician will ensure that every note played, and every word sung on you big day is crystal clear and gig-perfect.

Your wedding day will be wonderful, regardless of the entertainment you choose. But with a live wedding band, it can be spectacular. Why not get in touch to see what Earcandy can do for you?

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