Grooming the groom

Even the most rugged, manly man needs a good skincare routine. In today’s modern society, it’s even common to see men get facials! While most beauty and grooming tips for the wedding day are directed at the bride, we don’t want the groom to feel left out, so we put together a list of our 5 best grooming tips for making your face fresh and handsome and ready for the big day’s photo-shoot.


Facing the truth

A great skincare routine will keep your face looking younger and feeling fresher. Your routine should include, exfoliation, cleansing and moisturising your mug every morning. Choosing the right cleanser id the best start, you want something that’s alcohol-free, alcohol and fragrances dry out the skin and that works against what we are trying to achieve.

Hopefully there are still a few months to go till the wedding day and you have enough time to get your face prepped and ready for it with a good, solid routine. Use the cleanser first thing in the morning to remove the oil and dirt on the skin, then add some toner and moisturiser that has a good UV protection factor in it, finish it off with some quality Q10 eye cream and you are good to go.



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See a pro

While your own routine will help a lot, you can start things off on the right track by paying a visit to a professional your local health spa and sign up for a facial. A facial will exfoliate your skin and remove all embedded oils and toxins while removing blackheads and opening your pores. After the cleansing, a pro will begin refreshing it with moisturising creams and masks that will leave your face glowing and feeling healthy.

It’s a good idea to do this well in advance of the wedding day so that you can gauge your skins reaction to the products, there’s nothing worse than leaving it to late, only to find that you receive an allergic reaction from one of the products, so make sure to give it time to settle and for your face to adjust.


Beat the brow

There’s nothing less attractive than a big, thick unibrow in wedding pictures. Terrible. Make sure that you get those hairy caterpillars sorted out as a priority. The best time to pluck your eyebrows is after a hot shower, when the pores are open and relaxed.

If you don’t feel like punishing yourself with the pain, then please visit a barber, for the wedding photos, do it for the wedding photos.



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Ears, nose and teeth. These are critical focus points. Make sure to have all exterior hair on your ears and in your nostrils clipped back. Seeing a long black hair creeping from your right nostril will be quite distracting in your close-up shot.

Your teeth are another consideration. If they are dirty, see the dentist and arrange a cleaning and bleaching. Lightening your smile up will make your face look fantastic.


A clean shave

Shaving is different with everyone; facial hair seems to grow at a very unique rate. We are sure that you know how to shave but being that no one wants to open up a few bleeders on wedding day, consider these tips to enhance your shaving experience;

Skip the shave the day before, as you will have a better result on the wedding day if you leave it a little longer the day before. Shave directly after a hot shower, as your pores will be open and more receptive to a closer shave. Before you pick up the razor make sure that you have properly exfoliated your face and cleared all the pores. Use a gel based cream for a smoother glide of the razor and use a brand-new razor to get the closest shaving experience possible. After the shave, use a good quality moisturiser that is free from alcohols.



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The final thought

Being a dashing groom on your wedding day is your responsibility, you can bet your finance is bringing her A-game, so you should too!

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