Guide to getting married during COVID-19

Last updated 22-02-2021

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Please note that all the advice given in this blog is for information purposes only. We try to give our best assessment of the current situation, but we take no liability for the information provided or the decisions you make.


When will weddings go ahead?

With the announcement on the 22nd of February, please find below the dates that have been outlined for the easing of restrictions weddings. 

This is subject to change if the situation changes

What will be allowed Government Guidance
Restricted weddings - up to 15 guests 
(15 people or fewer)
12th April - 16th May
Weddings of up to 30 guests, but with mitigation in place
(e.g., guests using face masks, hand sanitising, rapid testing and vaccines)
17th May - 20th June
Unrestricted Weddings will take place June 21st


Please note that these are only our best estimates and we do not take any liability for the accuracy of this information, please keep an eye on official sources at

We will aim to update this page as we gather more information.


If you have to delay or are planning for your wedding to take place before June 2021, we recommend asking all suppliers what their conditions are or which backup solutions they can offer.



A micro-wedding is a wedding with less than 20 guests attending, it’s the same process as a full wedding day, just on a much smaller scale. It’s usually considered to be more relaxing, shorter in length and lower-cost than a traditional wedding day.

One of the most common reasons to have a micro-wedding is that you’ll be able to spend more time with guests on the day that you had initially planned to get married.


Sequel Wedding Reception:

A sequel wedding reception is a larger celebratory reception, blessing or ceremony which follows a smaller, more intimate wedding ceremony when restrictions on numbers have been lifted. Wedding Celebrants have been promoting the concept for some time. Sequel wedding receptions are becoming an increasingly popular trend and one which is gaining momentum fast.

This is because of the postponements and the disruption of so many weddings caused by COVID-19.

Sequel wedding receptions can be a fantastic way to enjoy a celebration of your wedding day with the guests that you had initially intended and celebrated with evening entertainment.

What about overseas guests?

With travel restrictions in place to control the South African COVID variant to spread across the UK, international guests from many countries may not be able to assist with the wedding. Nonetheless, you can still make them feel part of your special day by inviting them to watch the livestream via zoom, send them personalised gifts on the wedding day or send them photos or videos of your favourite moments afterwards. 

Good News:

The good news is that weddings are back, and summer weddings are back without restrictions. 

Fantastic progress with the vaccination roll out has allowed a safe reopening of the wedding sector. We look forward to celebrating your wedding with you and your guests. 


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