Handmade gifts for your wedding

Getting a gift for a wedding takes a lot of reflection until you find the perfect one.  This all depends on your budget, how well you know the person you are presenting your gift to, and how much effort you want to put into offering something singular and very personal. Today, many couples decide to supply their guests with a wedding gift list so as to help them choose presents that will be useful and much appreciated. However, this system often loses the intimate touch of giving the couple a gift only you can give, one that they will always cherish. Wouldn’t it be great to come up with an idea for a personal handmade gift that is useful and original, something you are sure they would be happy to receive?


Amongst the many ideas you can collect on Pinterest, Exquisite Keepsakes is an ideal platform not only to get inspiration, but also to concretely create the perfect wedding gift. Exquisite Keepsakes is a UK family-run business, which specializes in personalized frames and prints. These are fantastic for beautifully adorning photographs that hold special memories. These frames are for you to personalize, culminating in not only a very personal gift, but also one that is a production of the highest quality. These prints and frames can incorporate signatures, a very original way to remember all those present at the event.


Many homemade gift websites that offer insight into various gifting ideas include personalized frames on their list. However, when made, these are often of flimsy quality and not worthy of an occasion as special as a wedding. Therefore, Exquisite Keepsakes provides the perfect combination: personal and of the best quality!


Exquisite Keepsakes has been praised for excellent work in magazines such as Elle and Brides. Brides’ online platform, www.bridesmagazine.co.uk, also provides many suggestions for fun and easy-to-make homemade gifts that are suitable for weddings. With a more feminine focus, these include self-made soaps, bath salts, and cookies with individual messages; all of these can be accompanied by hand-written notes expressing your best wedding wishes. Alternative ideas that make great handmade wedding gifts can be found on the Reader’s Digest website. Ideas such as marker mugs that are a more personal way of inscribing a message on a mug rather than having it printed, paint-dripped pots that are an easy and creative as well as useful addition to any new home, and memorable maps tracing the to-be-married couple’s itineraries all make exciting and memorable gifts to be enjoyed by anyone who receives them.



If you are looking to offer handmade gifts for your wedding, remember to combine your heart and soul with good quality work! Get inspired online now, and get going on the perfect gift. Get in touch with the Exquisite Keepsakes team today and see how they can help you. They would also love to hear from you on Facebook or Twitter.


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