Hen Do’s & Don’ts

The Bride’s hen do is one of the most special, memorable and fun days of her life. It’s her last chance to let her hair down with her friends and have fun before becoming a Mrs. Most of the planning is the responsibility of the head bridesmaid, it’s a big job with a lot to consider, so to make the job a little easier we have put together a list of Hen Do’s & Don’ts!


DO bare everyone in mind. When planning activities keep in mind who is attending and what will be appropriate. If the bride’s mother in law is attending she probably doesn’t want to do a pole dancing class. Get everyone together to discuss options or create a WhatsApp group so you can quickly run plans past everyone.


DO keep activities optional. Not all hen’s will want to take part in all the activities planned and that’s cool. Don’t stress, allow people to choose which activities they want to take part in.


DON’T invite someone the bride doesn’t like. You don’t want to risk inviting someone who could upset the bride. So, it’s always a good idea to double check with the bride if there is anyone that she doesn’t want to attend.


DO stick to the budget. This is huge, be mindful that not everyone can afford to spend hundreds on the hen do and this shouldn’t mean they can’t attend. Discuss guests budget’s well before any plans are set in stone and ensure the weekend is affordable for everyone.


DO Plan everything in advance. You want the bride to feel special, so don’t disappoint by leaving things to the last minute. Plan everything for her, ensure reservations are made and make her aware of any preparations she needs to make.


DON’T book to close to the wedding. Ensure there are a good few weeks between the hen do and the wedding, you’ll need recovery time! Set a date that’s best for everyone.


DO consider the morning after. After a champagne-fuelled night, paracetamol, Lucozade and a full English breakfast to cure the hangover are essential!


DON’T plan your perfect hen do. Don’t get carried away planning your perfect hen do, it’s for the bride to be. Find out what she wants and make it perfect.


DO book a suite for the bride. It will give you a large enough place for everyone to gather and have pre-drinks before the celebrations and tipsy giggles afterwards.


DON’T share embarrassing photos on Facebook. The last thing the bride wants is the inlaws seeing pictures of her half naked wrapped around the toilet being sick!


DON’T forget the personal touches. Whether it’s little hangover survival kits or goody bags, little personal touches mean the most. Think outside the box and consult Pinterest.


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