Hiring a function band without going mad

Planning a corporate function, wedding or other event? Do you need just the right musical act to set just the right mood for your guests? Nervous about the complications of hiring your own live music? Do you worry incessantly about the possibility of cancellations or acts that won’t perform as expected?

Hiring a function band can be a daunting process. Many people end up working with shifty go betweens that pedal backroom deals with nothing more than a handshake as a guarantee. Life happens and bands come and go, members can disappear and your favorite act down the pub may not honor your gig if they suddenly land that recording contract.



Whats the Big Deal?

What is so challenging about having your own custom live music experience?

Well, since you’re likely not a professional session musician (you might not be reading this if you were), there are multiple disciplines and areas to consider. Anyone that tells you booking a function band is easy might not have your satisfaction in mind or just doesn’t have years of experience behind them. Whatever your situation, no one really has the luxury of wasting time with amateurs and unvetted or unknown musicians. When the day of your corporate function, wedding, or event, finally arrives everything must happen exactly as planned. When you do everything yourself you have no choice but to personally ensure that everything is handled in order for the event to go off without a problem. Without a dedicated function band manager there is no shortage of concerns to consider. Where do you start? Before you can hire a function band, you have to find one and just because you’ve found one doesn’t mean they’re the right one for your needs. Choosing the right function band for your event means hiring musicians that perform your requested style of music without breaking your budget.

What is a fair market price for the services you need? What are the services you need in the first place?

Planning your own live music requires a fair bit of industry specific knowledge but when you are on your own or with a large corporation you may end up with a package that does not fit you like it should. Working with a dedicated team like earcandy means you are free to focus on hosting the perfect event. Booking a function band or DJ is simple but when you hire musicians directly, there are no guarantees. Without legal protections in place liability and other concerns can overshadow an otherwise fantastic event. Agents can help book musical acts, but they exist to protect the musicians, not the you. Agents can help you schedule a gig but buyer beware, you’ll be paying top prices for everything imaginable and thats before you even get to talk about your needs.

Dude, wheres my Gig?

It’s the big day and the guests are arriving, but your cousin’s friend’s parole officer’s band isn’t what happens now?

Fair payment for fair work, at least that’s the idea, right? More often than not however, your gig booked months in advance may not be safe if the band is offered a higher paying job down the road. If your hired act cancels, will your backup band be ready to take over?

What do you mean you didn’t schedule a backup band?

Reading the fine print is your job and yours alone when entering into an agreement with a large booking agency. earcandy was founded to provide high quality function band services backed by modern sound engineering and the latest lighting technologies, all while putting the customer first. Unlike other agencies, we work with a pool of handpicked musicians all of the same caliber. So if the unthinkable happens, your act doesn’t cancel, and quality is never compromised. When you work with a group of dedicated professionals like earcandy, problems like missing musicians and sound problems are handled without hassle. Focus on hosting your event or function and leave the music to the professionals.


Black & Gold 4

Why youre going to love us

earcandy was founded by music industry insiders working with some of the most famous recording artists in history. Realizing that the large agencies and low end amateur acts were leaving a huge in the function band market. Setting out to put together the best acts for all types of events, venues, and occasions is what earcandy does best. This is what happens when industry experience and a genuine desire to craft the highest quality acts available anywhere comes to life.

Our Generous Services

In addition to working with some of the best customer service professionals in the music industry each of our gigs comes standard with features the competition simply doesn’t.

Lowest Price Guarantee

We will price match the competition, but more often than not you will see that we are already the best value for the money.

Performance Guarantee

Never get left out in the cold! In the event your function band cancels (only permitted under the more dire circumstances) we will have a similar act takes its place with no work needed by you.

Sound Engineer with Booking

We can overstate the quality of our live sound and we bring out a professional sound engineer just to ensure that your event or function sounds amazing.

Online Booking Manage

your booking online and let us handle the rest. Our fully featured web portal is your gateway to scheduling some of the best function bands around.




The earcandy Difference: Picked Performers

What happens when you take some of the most talented UK session musicians into the function band scene? Customers rave about the amazing functions and events played by earcandy acts. We don’t just provide great sound and lighting, we also prescreen and verify all of our musicians. Our acts don’t just perform for you, they represent the best that the earcandy family has to offer. Check out our top function bands, then pick up the phone or use our custom quote request form and we’ll be in touch with you right away.





Rock, Pop & Indie

the somebody's


This all male band is that perfect combination of charm and charisma that is sure to impress your guests while being appropriate for all ages. Variety is what gives the Somebodys an edge and why they are some of our most popular acts performing today. The excitement this three person band builds during their performances will ensure your guests are having the best time possible. Despite being only three members, The Somebodys present a highly dense sound that packs a punch.


Name – The Somebodys

Style – Rock, Indie and pop

Lineup –  Three members, male





Classic Soul & Motown



Celebrating the Tamala Motown and Classic Soul Era, this larger band brings an electric performance to any event. Three voice harmonies and a brass trio will blast your guests into the 60’s with this authentically soulful band. Special set lists are crafted to produce the most exciting atmosphere for your guests. This band is best suited to filling medium to large venues.




Motown Gold


Authentic soul Aretha

Franklin, Jackson 5 and more!


Features a brass trio and three vocalists





New & Classic Soul, Funk and Disco




Want an act that can play classic Soul and Funk but also modern tunes? Groove Environment will set your dance floor alight. This function band is what happens when industry insiders come together to create one of the most exciting party pop acts around. Flexible lineups makes staying within your budget while bringing in top talent a real possibility. Singers are interactive and work the crowd interactively combining with the latest ‘DMX’ lighting technology to create a lively dance floor experience.


Groove Environment


Upbeat Soul, Modern Soul & Funk, Disco, Classic Motown, Funk & Soul


Available as a 4 or 7 piece ensemble to match your budget and sound requirements





Rock & Party Pop



A totally live function band, Black & Gold is the product of years of experience from industry insiders coming together to create an amazing party pop experience. Without any backup tracks, the earcandy performers will deliver a power packed night to remember.



Black & Gold


Classic 60’s and 70’s to modern hits to incredibly fun mashups of todays hottest tracks


4 piece party band




Classical Music & Pop



To create that special ambience, consider the refined stylings of our premiere classical music act. Drawing from a large repertoire of classical and arrangements of modern tunes, this is where superb musicianship meets high quality entertainment. Soothe your guests with the hypnotic sounds of classical favorites, artfully presented to your guests.


earcandy Strings


Classical repertoire including arrangements of modern hits


Available as a duo, trio or quartet



Classic Jazz & Popular songs



One of our most unique acts, In the Mode is a stylish group that exudes cool from every beat. Great for receptions, dinner entertainment, or any event or function where skilled musicians and fun are on the menu. In the Mode plays a range of styles and can adapt to help you create a memorable event.



In the Mode


Classic slow Jazz, Upbeat Jazz, Modern Jazz including Modern hits in a Jazz style


6 piece Jazz Band



Classical & Popular Tunes



Traditional wedding style music, simply elegant. Excellent for entrance halls, wedding receptions or as background for drinks and dinner events. Imagine the luxurious backdrop of harp music wafting over the air as your guests mingle in style. Enhance your event with a harp player and watch as your guests stare transfixed on the wonderous sight.


earcandy Harp


Classical music and modern songs arranged for harp


One exceptional harp player, simple and elegant






Don’t let the name fool you, this act packs a punch! Perfect for intimate settings and smaller venues. Just because they’re acoustic doesn’t mean they don’t come with earcandy high quality sound, whatever your venue we can help your function band best adapt to you.



earcandy Acoustic Duo


Classic and Modern hits, fluent with many genres and styles


Two talented musicians





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When you need to hit the right note the first time and every time, trust earcandy.

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