Hiring a band abroad

So you have found yourself across borders and you have a huge event that’s been planned and you have been left with handling the entertainment. Hiring a band abroad isn’t quite the challenge that you think it might be. We understand that you may think of it as a foreign task, so to speak, but it really is a simple task that is easy to do, if you work with the right people that have your entertainment vision in mind.

Finding your Barings…


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You may feel out of touch when you are abroad but we have good news, the internet has made global communications that much easier and have made it possible for you to book a band with only a few clicks of a mouse, or a phone call to an office. There are so many considerations to take into account when hiring a band that you definitely don’t want to be caught with your pants around your ankles at any stage of the booking process, this can cost you weeks of preparation and sometimes may end up with you having no entertainment at your event at all, or even worse, having it called off because of the lack of entertainment. That why it’s so critical for you to find the right booking agent to make sure that everything goes the right way, and that is the way that you want.

Choosing an agency

Take a little time right now to go online and research the best entertainment agents in your area of your event, they will usually have great info about themselves on the site as well as all of their bands that they have available for you to book for your event. Generally, they will have clips of each band available for you to scour through and get a feel of what you can expect from their performance. Bands will usually have their entire repertoire available for you to take a look through and decide what kind of music will suit your event the best and keep your guests happy until the evening winds down and everybody leaves with smiles on their faces and great memories of the evening.

Do your due diligence

Look out for the comments that people have left reviewing the band. It’s these types of comments that will show you what the past clients that they have performed for thought of their own experience. There is no excuse to book an act that bombs out in today’s information age. Everything you need to make an informed decision about the right entertainment and the right band for your event is sitting there right at your fingertips, so what are you waiting for! Get out there and find that hiring a band from abroad is not as challenging as you thought, but rather as easy as ordering a pizza! An agent should make processing the whole experience of hiring a band abroad that much easier for you, that’s what you will be paying them for and the level of professionalism that they show in their booking and assistance to you will give you a solid indication of what to expect on the day of your event.

Check the fine print


A good booking agent will take care of all the necessary details when it comes to the logistics and planning of the band for your event. Everything from the band’s transport arrangements to the correct sound equipment for the event and the stage will be covered if you should need it to be. Most good agencies will offer this kind of full-house service, so don’t bother with any that don’t provide it, you want the event to run smoothly with no last minute hiccups, so make sure you start everything off on the right foot from the very beginning and this will in turn provide you with the result that you want for you event.

Peace of mind

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As a good agent, they should commit to you as well and they should offer an iron-clad contract that gives you as many rights as it does them. A good lead time to take for booking a band is around three months, so make sure that you give the agent enough time to make your booking happen. Once the date and selection of band has been decided upon it is as simple as signing the contract and then the agent will make sure that the band turns up on time and delivers a spellbinding performance that rocks your event! Make sure your experience of hiring a band abroad is a good one and get the entertainment agent that can make it happen for you!

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